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Please use the following to answer the next question:
Joe started the Gummy Bear Company in 2000 from his home in Vermont, USA.
Today, it is a multi-billion-dollar candy company operating in every continent. All of the company's IT servers are located in Vermont. This year Joe hires his son Ben to join the company and head up Project Big, which is a major marketing strategy to triple gross revenue in just 5 years. Ben graduated with a PhD in computer software from a top university. Ben decided to join his father's company, but is also secretly working on launching a new global online dating website company called Ben Knows Best.
Ben is aware that the Gummy Bear Company has millions of customers and believes that many of them might also be interested in finding their perfect match. For Project Big, Ben redesigns the company's online web portal and requires customers in the European Union and elsewhere to provide additional personal information in order to remain a customer. Project Ben begins collecting data about customers' philosophical beliefs, political opinions and marital status.
If a customer identifies as single, Ben then copies all of that customer's personal data onto a separate database for Ben Knows Best. Ben believes that he is not doing anything wrong, because he explicitly asks each customer to give their consent by requiring them to check a box before accepting their information. As Project Big is an important project, the company also hires a first year college student named Sam, who is studying computer science to help Ben out.
Ben calls out and Sam comes across the Ben Knows Best database. Sam is planning on going to Ireland over Spring Beak with 10 of his friends, so he copies all of the customer information of people that reside in Ireland so that he and his friends can contact people when they are in Ireland.
Joe also hires his best friend's daughter, Alice, who just graduated from law school in the U.S., to be the company's new General Counsel. Alice has heard about the GDPR, so she does some research on it. Alice approaches Joe and informs him that she has drafted up Binding Corporate Rules for everyone in the company to follow, as it is important for the company to have in place a legal mechanism to transfer data internally from the company's operations in the European Union to the U.S.
Joe believes that Alice is doing a great job, and informs her that she will also be in-charge of handling a major lawsuit that has been brought against the company in federal court in the U.S. To prepare for the lawsuit, Alice instructs the company's IT department to make copies of the computer hard drives from the entire global sales team, including the European Union, and send everything to her so that she can review everyone's information. Alice believes that Joe will be happy that she did the first level review, as it will save the company a lot of money that would otherwise be paid to its outside law firm.
The data transfer mechanism that Alice drafted violates the GDPR because the company did not first get approval from?

A. The European Commission.B. The Court of Justice of the European Union.C. The European Data Protection Board.D. The Data Protection Authority.

Answer: D


Which statement provides an accurate description of a directive?

A. A directive is a legal act that applies automatically and uniformly to all EU countries as soon as it enters into force.B. A directive is a legal act relating to specific cases and directed towards member states, companies 0' private individuals.C. A directive has binding legal force throughout every member state and enters into force on a set date in all the member states.D. A directive speo5es certain results that must be achieved, but each member state is free to decide how to turn it into a national law

Answer: C


Please use the following to answer the next question:
Javier is a member of the fitness club EVERFIT. This company has branches in many EU member states, but for the purposes of the GDPR maintains its primary establishment in France. Javier lives in Newry, Northern Ireland (part of the U.K.), and commutes across the border to work in Dundalk, Ireland. Two years ago while on a business trip, Javier was photographed while working out at a branch of EVERFIT in Frankfurt, Germany. At the time, Javier gave his consent to being included in the photograph, since he was told that it would be used for promotional purposes only. Since then, the photograph has been used in the club's U.K. brochures, and it features in the landing page of its U.K. website. However, the fitness club has recently fallen into disrepute due to widespread mistreatment of members at various branches of the club in several EU member states. As a result, Javier no longer feels comfortable with his photograph being publicly associated with the fitness club.
After numerous failed attempts to book an appointment with the manager of the local branch to discuss this matter, Javier sends a letter to EVETFIT requesting that his image be removed from the website and all promotional materials. Months pass and Javier, having received no acknowledgment of his request, becomes very anxious about this matter. After repeatedly failing to contact EVETFIT through alternate channels, he decides to take action against the company.
Javier contacts the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office ('ICO' - the U.K.'s supervisory authority) to lodge a complaint about this matter. The ICO, pursuant to Article 56 (3) of the GDPR, informs the CNIL (i.e. the supervisory authority of EVERFIT's main establishment) about this matter. Despite the fact that EVERFIT has an establishment in the U.K., the CNIL decides to handle the case in accordance with Article 60 of the GDPR. The CNIL liaises with the ICO, as relevant under the cooperation procedure. In light of issues amongst the supervisory authorities to reach a decision, the European Data Protection Board becomes involved and, pursuant to the consistency mechanism, issues a binding decision.
Additionally, Javier sues EVERFIT for the damages caused as a result of its failure to honor his request to have his photograph removed from the brochure and website.
Under the cooperation mechanism, what should the lead authority (the CNIL) do after it has formed its view on the matter?

A. Request that members of the seconding supervisory authority and the host supervisory authority co-draft a decision.B. Submit a draft decision to other supervisory authorities for their opinion.C. Request that the other supervisory authorities provide the lead authority with a draft decision for its consideration.D. Submit a draft decision directly to the Commission to ensure the effectiveness of the consistency mechanism.

Answer: C


Which of the following is NOT an explicit right granted to data subjects under the GDPR?

A. The right to opt-out of the sale of their personal data to third parties.B. The right to request restriction of processing of personal data, under certain scenarios.C. The right to request access to the personal data a controller holds about them.D. The right to request the deletion of data a controller holds about them.

Answer: C


Please use the following to answer the next question:
Anna and Frank both work at Granchester University. Anna is a lawyer responsible for data protection, while Frank is a lecturer in the engineering department. The University maintains a number of types of records:
* Student records, including names, student numbers, home addresses, pre-university information, university attendance and performance records, details of special educational needs and financial information.
* Staff records, including autobiographical materials (such as curricula, professional contact files, student evaluations and other relevant teaching files).
* Alumni records, including birthplaces, years of birth, dates of matriculation and conferrals of degrees.
These records are available to former students after registering through Granchester's Alumni portal.
* Department for Education records, showing how certain demographic groups (such as first-generation students) could be expected, on average, to progress. These records do not contain names or identification numbers.
* Under their security policy, the University encrypts all of its personal data records in transit and at rest.
In order to improve his teaching, Frank wants to investigate how his engineering students perform in relational to Department for Education expectations. He has attended one of Anna's data protection training courses and knows that he should use no more personal data than necessary to accomplish his goal. He creates a program that will only export some student data: previous schools attended, grades originally obtained, grades currently obtained and first time university attended. He wants to keep the records at the individual student level.
Mindful of Anna's training, Frank runs the student numbers through an algorithm to transform them into different reference numbers. He uses the same algorithm on each occasion so that he can update each record over time.
One of Anna's tasks is to complete the record of processing activities, as required by the GDPR. After receiving her email reminder, as required by the GDPR. After receiving her email reminder, Frank informs Anna about his performance database.
Ann explains to Frank that, as well as minimizing personal data, the University has to check that this new use of existing data is permissible. She also suspects that, under the GDPR, a risk analysis may have to be carried out before the data processing can take place. Anna arranges to discuss this further with Frank after she has done some additional research.
Frank wants to be able to work on his analysis in his spare time, so he transfers it to his home laptop (which is not encrypted). Unfortunately, when Frank takes the laptop into the University he loses it on the train. Frank has to see Anna that day to discuss compatible processing. He knows that he needs to report security incidents, so he decides to tell Anna about his lost laptop at the same time.
Which of the University's records does Anna NOT have to include in her record of processing activities?

A. Frank's performance databaseB. Department for Education recordsC. Staff and alumni recordsD. Student records

Answer: C