Serviced Apartments For Short And Long Term Rental In Dhaka
A serviced apartment is like having your own cozy home, complete with all of the conveniences of home and a hotel. Consider it a cross between a typical apartment and a hotel suite. With fully furnished rooms and a kitchen, you have the privacy and space of your own apartment together with hotel-style amenities like daily housekeeping and concierge support. Serviced apartments provide a flexible and pleasant alternative for short-term living, making them ideal for travelers or those between homes.

Who Needs To Think About A Serviced Apartment?
Travelers, business people, and those between residences frequently utilize serviced apartments. They are a common option for those who want a temporary residence yet value greater size, privacy, and comfort than a typical hotel room. Families find serviced apartments to be the perfect solution since they frequently offer extra space for kids to play and for parents to relax and prepare meals. Additionally, some businesses decide to offer serviced flats to their staff members on lengthy assignments or business travels.

Reasons To Stay In A Serviced Apartment
People looking for a great location to stay that combines a hotel and a home are increasingly favoring serviced apartments. Since they offer hotel amenities while being less expensive than hotels, they offer the best of both worlds. The separate bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchen that are commonly found in serviced apartments add even more value over time. Most significantly, if you want to stay for a long time, you might be able to bargain for cheaper rates than you would in a hotel. The majority of serviced apartments offer a kitchen and a relaxing living space, making them ideal for conducting business.

Common Amenities Founded In Serviced Apartment

A serviced apartment's primary features often include of:

1.Furnished Room & Kitchen: Serviced apartments come with comfy furnishings and a kitchen that is completely functioning, so you may live there just like you would at home.

2.Housekeeping Services: Daily cleaning services are often offered to keep the flat clean and organized.

3.Services Provided On-Site: Serviced apartments frequently include services such as a fitness center, laundry rooms, and occasionally a swimming pool or rooftop Garden.

4.High-Speed Internet: The majority of serviced apartments have high-speed internet in addition to cable or streaming options.

5.Parking: Some serviced residences provide visitors on-site or adjacent parking.

Vital Amenities Provided By Our Serviced Apartment

1.Fully Furnished Apartment

2.Security & Laundry Service

3.Filter, Washing Machine, LP Gas

4.Drawing, Dining Space Available

5.Daily Room & Bathroom Cleaning

6.WiFi, Microwave oven, Geyser, A/C

7.Short-Term Rentals, TV, Refrigerator

More Details About Our Top-rated Serviced Apartment In Dhaka

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