Hidden camera and secret spy cameras have different uses in home, office and vehicle. Our range includes motion activated cameras, body cameras and outdoor security cameras. Whether you are using covert cameras as a CCTV security system to monitor your property or for more discreet use as a means of evidence collection, surveillance cameras have never been in demand, and our range of recording solutions will give you peace of mind.


A hidden camera for home and office surveillance can come in the form of wall clocks, radios, AC plugs / adapters, USB chargers, smoke detectors, and carbon detectors. Even the smallest items, such as air fresheners, pens, USB sticks, tissue boxes, beverage and food boxes, objects as small as a camera button can be integrated. Also, most of these devices are fully functional and therefore are meant to be in the environment. Body cameras have been integrated into shoulder bags, ties and glasses cameras, a growing demand from the mystery shopping industry and private detectives, both in the UK and abroad.


In addition, by offering faster WiFi and 4G / 5G mobile networks, professional surveillance can be integrated into electrical devices, allowing high-quality, full-color remote video and audio images to be transmitted in real time from such devices to your computer or mobile device. . . . These are great for long-term monitoring of vacation homes or your property. Without skyrocketing operating costs, WiFi spy cameras provide exceptional surveillance and security with a wide range of features.


Outdoor spy cameras are very popular with local and environmental organizations, especially for use in remote areas with limited access. With a growing number of leads, street vandalism, farm robbery and antisocial behavior, an outdoor surveillance camera is the invisible man. These cameras can withstand incredibly long runtimes and automatically adjust captured images to lighting conditions. There are many good uses for owning and implementing a spy camera and over the years we have helped many clients obtain the necessary evidence both in the UK and internationally.



This category has a lot of super apps. The devices are defined as 'spies' due to their concealed and disguised appearance, and are included in the following subsections:


Spy cam

Body-worn spy cameras

Internet spy cameras

Motion Activated Spy Cameras

Outdoor spy cameras



Disguised as everyday household items, these hidden cameras were created with the idea that you could place them in areas around your home or office and that they would not look out of place to anyone who comes across them. Our selection of body-worn gear is designed to take with you, so you can monitor and record your surroundings wherever you go.





Hidden security cameras


Spy cameras that use data technology come in many forms and have a variety of uses as well. Some are designed to look like everyday objects to junction boxes and booster kits, it's the technology in these devices that is smart.


With the highest image quality plus a highly sensitive built-in microphone, you can record video and audio data from a dealer visiting your home who you suspect may be testing a quick, or perhaps leaving a camera in the office where you suspect. that may be a member of staff. Steal.




Multifunctional use


All our hidden spy cameras can be used by both individuals and companies. Businesses may decide to monitor buildings for safety, while individuals may decide to use them for a variety of reasons, such as improving personal safety or keeping an eye on younger family members when they are left home alone for a certain amount of time.




Our motion activated devices are perfect for being away for long periods of time as they only turn on when there is something to record. And since many of the devices run on AC power, you don't have to worry about battery performance. Our range of outdoor versions is specially designed to be rugged and withstand the rigors of a UK weather system. From hail to blazing sun, these devices can handle it all. Most of our products are also handmade and seem completely hidden. All of the information above is just a general idea, as there are so many to choose from, each with its own functionality.


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