Modern world is much appreciated because of sharing. Sharing is a quality which can completely change your personality. It is very necessary to build a happy life. Sharing spreads love and make the relations strong. Technology blessed our planet with easy and approachable sources of sharing. GitHub is well renown platform for sharing. Developers and programmers from all over the world are using GitHub for sharing precious ideas and information. These are known as repositories. This article will aim to elaborate the best GitHub repositories which can help programmers. Along with the list we will share some basic knowledge about GitHub and repositories also.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is on the largest company which is providing the hosting services for software development and version control. It is the serving worldwide. Basic services of GitHub are free of cost. Most of the accounts of GitHub are used to serve open-source projects. Until 2019 all services of GitHub were free. But after April 2020 their strategy was changed and free offers were limited. It was launched in April 2008 by Tom Preston Werner and Chris Wanstrath. In 2012 Microsoft became an active user of GitHub and in 2018 Microsoft announced to acquire GitHub for 7.5billion dollars GitHub repositories are serving the world for 13 years.

GitHub can offer you to initiate the development or continue the past one using it. It allows you the freedom of development you can view changes and make next plan. It is also an open-source project. The main purpose of GitHub is to provide version control and issue tracking. Assignment writing services documentation is very easy using GitHub. Readme files can automatically made using it. It can handle email notifications. Files of 3D can be provided using integrated STL file viewer. Viewer can be powered by WebGL. You can use GitHub for social networking also. Developers can get a lot of help using GitHub using social network graphs.

What are repositories?

Repository means a place where things are stored and can be found. All the places where you can keep things weather for exhibition or to keep something secret are known as repositories. In the world of software, it is a storage location for software packages. It is usually denoted by repo. A short form of repositories. For the storage of this type of meta data many companies are providing their services. And there can be many types of repositories. They may be used for particular programs like a particular programming language or they can used for whole operating system. The big example is Linux distributions. GitHub repositories are serving the world for last 13 years. Programmers wants to get smarter rather than work harder. GitHub repositories are most favorite among the programmers. You cannot find any programmer who haven’t used GitHub repositories yet.

Top 8 GitHub repositories to boost programming skills

As mentioned above. Getting smarter and smarter is the basic need of every programmer. Time and efforts are very concerning factor of programmers. Following are the top 8 GitHub repositories which help can help programmers to boost up their work.


First in the list is awesome. It is one of the best GitHub repositories. And recommended for any kind of developer and programmer. Awesome repository consists of links for all kind of programming tasks. You don’t have to worry about the thick programming books and thousands of blogs to search into. Just use awesome repository and get what you want.

Oh my Zsh

Zsh is the short form of z shell. It is a shell used for interactive logins and interpreter of some script. Oh my zsh is an open-source GitHub repository. One of the best GitHub repositories used for scripting and interactive shells. You can install many plugins and themes to make the setup of your zsh more attractive. The settings of the oh my zsh is a bit complicated. But scripting is supported in much easier way. You can find recommended settings for some particular tasks from internet.

3. Gitignore

Gitignore is the best repository for the any kind of templates. Programming has been advanced these days and Gitignore is considered as the mandatory option to save time. Gitignore is very versatile and easy. It is available in different languages. You can choose the Gitignore according to the nature of your project. Gitignore is known as template hub. You can find template for Perl, java, python and many other languages.

Front end checklist

For the programmers who want to boost their programming skills. Front end checklist is the best repository. It provides the list of all elements that are required for development of a website. Not just the development, in fact it includes an inventory from which you can find any kind of list. List will show you the elements required for desired purpose. This repository helps the SEO very much and ranking can also be increased using it.

JavaScript testing best practices

The JavaScript testing repository can improve the skills of programmers like none other. It consists of near 50 testing practices which can improve your skills. You can calibrate your skills very precisely. You can have examples of codes for the test preparation and guide line purposes. Therefore, it is not just testing repository, you can use it for guide purposes also. Usually developers who got choked into some issue, use JavaScript testing for refreshing their skills.

You don’t need

As the list of required elements help a lot in programming. Likewise the list of not recommended elements is necessary to keep the pace right. You don’t need is one of the best repository used to aware programmer for avoiding unnecessary elements list. Just search for the task you will get the list. You can search the element recommendation for the task also.

30 seconds of code

Don’t forget to use 30 seconds of code if you want to boost up your skills. 30 seconds of code counts every second of the programmer. This is a list of short codes in JavaScript, CSS and python languages. In just thirty seconds you can get array methods and overlays.

App ideas

In programming, ideas are the first thing that you need. App ideas is best recommended for that purpose. Use app ideas to gain ideas about your task. There is a number of list of apps that can help you in coding your ideas.


GitHub repositories are widely used in development and programming purposes. We have mentioned top 8 of them to boost up programming skills.