"Since he is your brother, he is also my brother Fu Zhaoxin.". Don't stand on ceremony, please come inside! Although Fu Zhaoxin was very anxious in his heart, he still had a sincere smile on his face and let everyone go to the backyard hall. Fu Zhaoxin came to Nanyang this time, different from the previous merchants, with a large group of guards and maids, at any time to use those maids to win over the masters along the way. He came to Nanyang this time, in fact, there is a last resort, there is no useful confidant to help him reference, bring a few servants, although loyal, unfortunately it is wood, theory of wisdom that is nothing. Kang Long saw the anxiety in Fu Zhaoxin's eyes clearly, but did not break it. He still came to the hall with the crowd. Fu Zhaoxin's mind was on Kang Long, but when he smelled a strange smell, he noticed that several beggars had followed him into the hall. Ha ha,tile profile factory, so it's Wu Helmsman. It's strange. Fu has invited all the friends of the Flower Club several times. You all have something to do and don't come. Why did you come uninvited today? Wu Qilong smiled indifferently and said, "We are just beggars in the territory under the jurisdiction of adults. How can we get into the eyes of adults?". This Master Kang is a friend of our Beggars' Sect. The elder of our Beggars' Sect asked Wu to lead the way for Master Kang. How dare Wu shirk it? "Oh, I didn't expect my brother to have such a wide circle of friends. Well, well, since he's my brother's friend, that's my Fu Zhaoxin's friend. How about getting drunk together tonight?" Fu Zhaoxin rolled his eyes and took the opportunity to invite Wu Qilong. Fu Zhaoxin came to Nanyang to serve as a county magistrate this time. Although he had to do so,aluminum tile edge trim, he often inquired about things in Jianghu in private and collected some Jianghu heroes as his own guards. It was a pity that he had just come to Nanyang and was not familiar with people and places. He had just found out the news of the flower meeting and invited him several times. Although he was the head of a county, people did not buy his account. It turns out that your guild is not a beggar's guild, but a beggar's guild. No wonder Fu has made several appointments, but Wu always refuses to meet him. Fu Zhaoxin asked everyone to sit in the hall and let the servants serve tea. Wu Qilong did not explain that Hanako would change its name to Beggars' Sect. He just smiled and stood behind Kang Long, but did not sit down. Fu Zhaoxin looked at his actions strangely and felt more and more inscrutable about his brother-in-law (as he had always thought). When he first met Kang Long at the wharf of Luoshui Town, he felt that this young man was not simple, and what happened later proved his view. In just four months, Kang Long went from a commoner to a supervisor recognized by the royal family of the Great Jin Dynasty. It can be seen that Kang Long's talent is indeed extraordinary. Brother, in the past few months, my brother has been bound by my father in the city of Luoyang. He is not allowed to go out or contact you. My brother is really concerned about his brother's safety. Fu Zhaoxin seemed to chat casually, without mentioning a word about what happened after that night, and the words were full of concern for Kang Long, tile trim factory ,stainless steel tile edging, who naturally could not ask Fu Yanqing how to explain to him. Eldest brother said what words, you and I know each other, is the fate of God, no matter when, you are my eldest brother, this eldest brother please remember. Kang Longyan looked at Fu Zhaoxin and said sincerely. Ma Benlei was very curious. Kang Long didn't introduce this elder brother to him just now, so he asked, "Elder brother, since you value this elder brother Fu Zhaoxin so much, why don't you introduce him to my younger brother?" Kang Long said with a smile, "You and my brother, do you still need to be so polite?"? Isn't my big brother your big brother? You just pay a visit directly. How can there be so much talk? Ma Benlei thought about it. Since he became sworn brothers with Kang Long, he had always been very casual in front of his sworn brother. So he formally went to Fu Zhaoxin and bowed down and said, "Little brother Ma Benlei, formally pay a visit to my brother. Since you are my eldest brother's eldest brother, you are also my eldest brother Ma Benlei's eldest brother." Fu Zhaoxin laughed and stood up. Holding Ma Benlei's arm, he said, "Don't mention it, brother. Please sit down. We are all our own people in the future. Don't worship me like this. I worship you. It's very troublesome." Only then did Ma Benlei say with a smile, "That's right. I hate these empty courtesies, too. I can't imagine that my eldest brother is also a straightforward man. He is very suitable for my younger brother's temper.". ” They were drinking tea and chatting. After a while, Wang Ershui came in and trotted to Fu Zhaoxin. He said respectfully, "Your Excellency, the banquet is ready. Your Excellency and all the heroes, please move." Fu Zhaoxin stood up and led the crowd to the side hall on the other side of the courtyard, only to see that a good banquet had been set up in the hall, and four jars of good wine that had not yet been opened were displayed aside. When Fu Zhaoxin saw the wine, he laughed and said, "Brother, do you still remember what you said on the boat that day?"? These four jars of good wine were brought by my brother from Beijing. They were originally buried by my father when the third sister was born. They were used to celebrate when the third sister came out of the cabinet. You and the third sister fell in love with each other. The third sister told me before she left for her brother that she knew you were good at wine and asked me to bring out a few jars. Maybe I could meet you in Nanyang. "Unexpectedly, the third younger sister was right, because my brother really met my brother here. Come on, I'll have a good time and get drunk today!" Fu Zhaoxin said lightly, but in Kang Long's ears, every sentence had Tingyu's deep feeling in it. Thinking of Tingyu's beautiful face and his heartbreaking eyes at parting, he felt full of congestion and had no way to vent. He shouted: "Good!"! Get drunk! They all sat down at the banquet. Kang Long moved all the four jars of daughter red to the table and opened the mud seals one by one. He shouted to all the people present, "You are all my Kang Long's brothers. Today's wine is my Kang Long's wedding feast. I owe too much to Ting Yu. I will take advantage of the wine buried by Mr. Fu to toast you brothers!" As he spoke, Kang Long picked up the wine glass on the table,aluminum tile trim, but saw that although the glass was delicate, it was too small. He shouted, "Change it for a big one. How can you drink such a small glass?" Fu Zhaoxin's eyes moved slightly and waved to Wang Ershui. Wang Ershui immediately went to fetch a stack of sea bowls and placed them in front of Kang Long. jecatrims.com