When Li Qiao was young, he felt that he was a person with bad luck. Since childhood, because it is a concubine, it is really grandma does not love, uncle does not love. Of course, the key is that this grandmother is not his own grandmother, and this uncle is not his own uncle. Therefore, people do not love him, but also of course, human nature. Then, when he was still confused and not yet enlightened, he bore an unfilial name. How ridiculous is it that a seven-year-old child knows filial piety and unfilial piety? Of course, Li Qiao is mainly not demanding of himself, this child, since childhood, there is no lofty spiritual realm. You know, Rong, the descendant of Confucius, knew how to let pears when he was seven years old. What did Li Qiao do when he was seven years old? When he was seven years old, he gave his grandfather a piece of Tang tri-colored glazed pottery to be buried with him on his birthday. This is really, he died unjustly. But at that time, Li Qiao was young and ignorant, and would not cry out for injustice. Then, he was sent back to his hometown. Fortunately, although Li Qiao's life in his hometown could not be compared with that in Yongan Hou Mansion, the capital of the emperor, he was not neglected. His father, Yongan Hou, invited a gentleman to him and talked to him every day about the learning of Lao Zhuang, what was quiet and inaction, what was conforming to the way of heaven, and what was carefree. My God, Li Qiao was born to like stories like the Hongmen Banquet. He didn't like "work at sunrise, rest at sunset, and live freely between heaven and earth" at all. Of course, Li Qiao was also very good at learning about Laozi and Zhuangzi. For example, those who stole the hook were punished, those who stole the country were princes, and the door of princes was benevolent and righteous. He thinks it makes sense. From the age of seven to thirteen,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the gentleman invited by the Marquis of Yongan talked about it for six years, but he didn't talk about Li Qiao. Basically, Li Qiao didn't talk about it except for his dusty face. Of course, he is very good at faking dust. At the age of thirteen, Li Qiao decided to return to the imperial capital to seek fame. The teacher who taught him "free and easy" was angry and said angrily, "It's just so so to cast pearls before swine." Then he left in a huff. Li Qiao also ignored him. How could a sparrow know the ambition of a swan? He felt that he was a swan, so he packed up and took the boy who had been following him with him and went to the imperial capital. He was an arrogant man, even if he went to the imperial capital, he would not go to Yongan Hou. Because, before Li Qiao came to the imperial capital, he also informed his father. His father ordered people to give him one hundred taels of silver. Then, he didn't take care of anything. The people in charge of the clan in his hometown all thought that there was no such person as him. Li Qiao was young and arrogant, and felt that if it were not for his father's identity, he would not suspect that someone dared to cuckold his father. He had to feel that this father was not his own father. Of course, it turned out that Li Qiaoshao's suspicions were completely correct. Of course, this is the last word, can not mention. Li Qiao also knew that he was a concubine, and when he went to Hou Fu, he was afraid that he would not be welcomed. When he was young, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Li Qiao was very careful. He didn't go to the mansion of the Marquis of Yong'an. He didn't have a house in the city, and the money he had brought from Chuang Tzu was running out. Together, he simply went out of the city and went to the mountains. Instead of living in a temple, he just bought a small farmyard of three or five acres in a village near the Western Hills. Then, he tidied up one or two and lived in seclusion. Yes, seclusion. Be a hermit. Li Qiao is a wise man, although his name is a woodcutter's name, a little rustic, but he is really a wise man. This wise man, with a sharp eye, is easy to do anything. Like Li Qiao, he did a good job as a hermit, and soon spread his reputation. There are not many other people in the imperial capital, but there are many gifted scholars. This comes and goes, Li Qiao smoothly passed the Xiucai test. At that time, Li Qiao is still young, do not know is the limelight is too much or how, someone actually exposed his life experience. It was true that those friends who had made friends in the past, hearing that he was the one who gave his grandfather a birthday gift and funerary objects, had broken off contact with him one after another. As a result, in an instant, Li Qiaotong, who was a hermit, lost all his friends, and the hermit courtyard, which had always been lively, was left out in the cold. The winter of that year was really cold. Not only was the weather cold, but Li Qiao's heart was cold. He felt that all the people in the imperial capital were blind, but he couldn't see through his pure heart. He didn't know what was going on about the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty? As Li Qiao warmed himself by the fire, he felt that it was all right for the blind men to leave, and that he did not want to make friends with the blind men. While warming himself by the fire, Li Qiao reflected on the reasons for his failure as a hermit. He felt that he was not cool enough and had been in contact with too many people. Now it can be seen that the people he associates with are just some muddle-headed people who are not reasonable. No one was willing to ask him a word more, and when they knew what had happened to him when he was young, they immediately stopped associating with him. Li Qiao finally came to the conclusion that this friend, ah, is not expensive. Li Qiao learned a lesson, and snowflakes began to fall outside. In order to pretend to be a hermit, he transplanted two red plum trees in the courtyard, which opened in the snow. Li Qiao was also a learned man, so he went out to enjoy the plum blossoms in the snow. Here we have to introduce the farmyard that Li Qiao bought. It is not the courtyard that Li Qiao later built, which is similar to the quadrangle. It is a small farmyard with five main rooms and fences. Li Qiao, dressed in a cotton-padded jacket, stood in the courtyard admiring the plum blossoms. When he crossed the fence of his house, Li Qiao saw a group of people coming in the distance. Perhaps because of the heavy snow, the pedestrian did not ride a horse, but led a horse. The leader was wearing a snow cap and a white fox and crane cloak. Although he could not see his appearance clearly, he could see the style of his whole body. It was known that he was about to touch his son. What surprised Li Qiao even more was that the man had come for his home. At that time, Li Qiao also flattered himself, thinking that it was from Yongan Hou Fu. Then, as he was fawning on himself, he saw that the pedestrian had arrived at the gate of his courtyard. The white fox, the leader of the group, reached out his hand and pushed aside the veil of his snow cap. When he saw Li Qiao standing quietly in the courtyard, he could not help saying, "It seems that he is not wrong." He said, "Li Qiao, open the door." Li Qiao was sure that this should be his half-brother. Li Qiao went over and opened the door, and the white fox came in. Li Qiao's expressionless face let people into the room, he is not a shallow eye, but see his half-brother wearing a white fox cloak, he is a blue cotton cloth cloak, young man,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, not yet trained in the future of the heart of stone, the heart inevitably some sour feeling. When he got into the room, the white fox took off his snow cap and showed a face that looked like Li Qiao's. sxthsteel.com