It means he must eat it. Ji Yang was trying to teach the boy a lesson, but Wei loved him very much and was about to go up to rescue him. As a result, seeing his father's angry expression, Biscuit was still not afraid to die and put the peach forward and spoke. The people present were stunned. So is Ji Yang. He said, "Dad, Dad, sweet." With these words, he put the peach close to Ji Yang's mouth, and his little hand kept stretching forward, with stubbornness on his face. It was the first time he had said something that people could understand. Ji Yang, who had clearly come to teach him a lesson, slowly opened his mouth and took a small bite. The peach is very crisp and sweet, sweet into his heart. Dad took a bite, and the little biscuit reached over and took a bite at the teeth marks, with a satisfied face. Ever since I spoke. Biscuit can't be idle, and he has super language talent and appearance ability. Staggering around the castle. Xiaowei and Coke are training. Maybe Coke has provoked Xiaowei. He is scolding Coke. Cola! You've been going too far recently. If you do this again, I won't give you meat to eat and let you starve. "By the way, I will give you something to eat!"! Let it tempt you. It's very sad. The little biscuit looked at him and saw Coke lying on the ground miserably, looking very pitiful. He frowned. Xiaowei turned to see him and went over to pick him up. "Wake up?"? Come here alone? Biscuit nodded and looked at Coke lying on the ground. Xiaowei explained, "Coke is not obedient. He went out for a stroll today and ran out of sight. His brother taught him a lesson." "Humph!" Biscuit pointed to the head of Coke, imitating the appearance of Xiaowei just now, "I want to eat around, eat meat, you are very miserable,a333 grade 6 pipe, miserable and happy." "Ow." Cola looked up at him with a look that she had no love for. Xiaowei was stunned, looking at the small biscuit in his arms, the other side was still with a straight face, the next words stimulated him even more, the other side pouted, "Coke is going to catch fish, eat meat for you." Catch fish for him and give you meat. Coke called out again, opened his legs and ran to the door. It looked like he was going to catch fish. He struggled to get down from Xiaowei and shook his head as he walked inside. "Go to find Youyou and catch fish with Lele." Said topsy-turvy,x70 line pipe, but Xiaowei also understood, very surprised. Biscuit's learning ability is so strong that everyone is so cautious that they are afraid that they will bring bad influence to him. Especially Zhao Xi, that is a thousand defenses. Because the biscuits are still young and live with their parents, they pay special attention to their intimacy in the evening. Zhao Xi is pushing Ji Yang, face away, "don't do this, the biscuit is beside him, and he will wake up later." "He's fast asleep. No." Ji Yang's words were firm, and he continued to bury his head in her neck and stretch his hand down. In case "Not in case." …… Ji Yang blocked her mouth and attached her big hand to the top of her head. Her voice was hoarse, with obvious desire. Two people are all the way to help come over, the feelings of nature can not say. Zhao Xi also slowly sank in, Ji Yang began to take off her clothes, two people are entering the state, next to a small group suddenly rushed over, "Dad, kiss." Ji Yang: "!" The little one was still unrelenting, pouting his little mouth. "Kiss." "Poof." Zhao Xi could not help laughing, 316 stainless steel plate ,uns s32750 sheet, pulled the quilt, pushed Ji Yang away, covered himself with the quilt and slept to one side. Ji Yang's face was expressionless, and he was pushed by a pair of small hands, and the meaty lump climbed onto him and kissed his face. Boo. "Boo." "Boo." …… Kiss one by one, and kiss the thief loudly. Ji Yang could not bear it any more. Looking at this face, his teeth were clenched. The next day, Biscuit was so excited that he opened his mouth to Xiaowei happily, "Brother, kiss." To Ma Yan'er, he said, "sister kiss." You can even say "Lele, kiss" to the coke. …… Coke pulled the dog's face and enjoyed the enthusiasm of the little master in a depressed way. Zhao Xi laughed so hard that he had a stomachache, while Ji Yang looked at the boy jumping around and went up to pick him up, trying to take the opportunity to teach him a lesson. It was really too bad. It is an unforgivable crime to disturb parents' "contact" feelings. As soon as he picked it up, the little biscuit smiled so hard that he showed his little teeth. He looked at Ji Yang, leaned over, and kissed him very hard. Kiss. ” With a sullen face, Ji Yang saw that he was about to come over again. He hurriedly put him down and said in a deep voice, "Be obedient and don't fool around!" Biscuit blinked, caught the left and right sides of it, ran to it, left and right eyes stared, deeply felt that the comer was not good, suddenly turned around and ran away. There is a human-cat chase in the castle. Chapter 310 Doomsday World (18). Biscuit is two years old. The whole person is very lively and naughty, in addition to Ji Yang who can not be cured, the castle has this little guy, every day staged a life of chicken flying and dog jumping. Even Ji Yang's shoulder dares to climb the "little overlord", so you can imagine how badly the left and right sides and cola will be tossed about. He is not willing to climb a small one, must let coke and left and right become bigger, stretched out his small hand, made a gesture of outward expansion, pouted his mouth to urge, "so big, Lele, hurry up." Cola failed to escape today, looking at the left and right sides that are still far away, they have no love to grow bigger, and endure the small biscuits climbing up. Go! Catch the bird! Catch the fish! The little biscuit climbed up, and the little fat hand grabbed his ear, showing his small row of teeth, and narrowed his eyes with a smile. Coke stood up slowly. The next second, a voice came from the corridor. He turned his head and saw his father and brother Wei. Then he saw their bags and stopped to move. He was a clever boy and had a vague feeling that his father was going to do something. Cola Ji Yang gave a cry. Coke stretched his feet forward, put down the biscuit, walked to Ji Yang's side, raised his head slightly, and responded. Standing on the corridor, Zhao Xi looked at their figures, hesitated to speak, and finally turned into a sentence, "Be careful on the way, we will wait for you at home." "Take something to eat on the way." Old Mrs. Gu sighed,uns s32760 plate, handed Xiaowei a bag, and said, "Take the left and right with you." ?