Bao Niang left and quickly made a cup of tea. Seeing this, Qi Maosheng said coldly, "I'll go to Xianjiyuan to have a look" and left. When Mrs. Wei saw her son gone, she showed a bright smile. She sat down beside Gu Xiyan and watched him suckling. Smiling, she touched his hair and said, "What a darling!" The elder brother was disturbed and immediately stopped eating and looked up at people. Large, swarthy eyes, as bright as obsidian. Mrs. Wei was so happy that she could not close her mouth. Grandmother has come to see you! The child spat a milk bubble. Mrs. Wei immediately became excited: "You see, you see, he knows I'm talking to him." Come, come. Here, give me a hug. What do children who are not yet one month old know. "Madam," said Gu Xiyan hurriedly, "I'd better wait a while. He's only half full.." As if to refute the mother's words, the elder brother did not nurse. Gu Xiyan was sweating profusely, but Mrs. Wei said, "He doesn't want to eat any more.". Don't force him. With these words, he took the child away from Gu Xiyan. Gu Xiyan thought about finding a euphemism to let Mrs. Wei return the child to herself. Eating milk halfway in this way will make the child develop the habit of not concentrating. This time,temperature check kiosk, Mrs. Wei's posture of holding the child was extremely correct. "I've been practicing for a long time," she laughed. Looking at Mrs. Wei's face flashing with pride, Gu Xiyan's mind suddenly flashed that day Mrs. Wei's face with a lonely look. Her heart was slightly sour. He was widowed at a young age, and his son was not right with him, so the days must be very lonely! Gu Xiyan smiled, "Madam, I'm really tired these days." Just hold my brother for a while. Others. I'm really worried! When Qi Maosheng arrived at Xianji Courtyard,face recognition identification, the whole courtyard was immersed in a silent and breath-holding atmosphere, only Qi Yuzhi and Fang Shaoqin fell in front of Mrs. Xu's bed and wept. Seeing Qi Maosheng go in, Qi Yuzhi looked at him with panic in his eyes, and even shrank a little. Qi Maosheng had a bitter taste in his heart. In some people's minds, it should be suspected that Mrs. Xu was killed by herself! Aunt Gao had already stood quietly with her hands down. Seeing Qi Maosheng come in, he bowed and said in a low voice, "He died of suffocation." Qi Maosheng nodded his head and called Siping to come in. "Go and call someone.." As soon as his voice fell, Fang Shaoqin suddenly knelt down in front of Qi Maosheng: "Second uncle.." This, this is not harmful to the reputation of his wife. I hope you will think twice before you act! Qi Maosheng looked at them coldly. There was a momentary lull in the room. What can I do if I am allowed to come? What can I do if I am not allowed to come? In this Yan land, who does not look at the second uncle's eyes. When the time comes. This thing will only be regarded as a joke after people's dinner. Qi Yuzhi suddenly looked up. He looked sharply at Qi Maosheng and said, "Uncle, you can do whatever you want."! I'm at your disposal. But I can't let it come. Let Grandmother Lian die. Can't get a decent share. When Mrs. Xu died, Qi Yuzhi was on night duty. If at this time, digital signage kiosk ,face recognition identification kiosk, Qi Hao has any idea, then the jade officer is not. Fang Shaoqin turned pale with fright and looked at Qi Maosheng in fear. The room was once again deathly silent. For a long time, Qi Maosheng sighed and said, "Well, let's invite the fourth uncle." Qi Yuzhi nodded his head slowly. The men of the Qi family all gathered in Qinyuan. Gu Xiyan in the month of confinement, is not able to move, sent Duan Niang kept asking for news. Knowing that the final result of the discussion among the men of the Qi family was that Mrs. Xu had been ill for a long time and died, she sighed with a sigh. A lifetime of struggle is unwilling, and finally it is such an ending. But in whose hands did Mrs. Xu die? I'm afraid this is a very difficult puzzle to find the answer. However, we can take this opportunity to sort out all the people in the inner courtyard of the Qi Mansion. Fang Shaoqin also got the news soon. Because the people in the Xianji courtyard. Except for her and Mammy Shi, all of them were taken away, and it was self-evident what the result would be. Mammy Shi stood behind Fang Shaoqin with a pale face and murmured, "Girl, can we go back to Peanut Alley?" "I don't know." Fang Shaoqin is at a loss, "but no matter where to go, or where not to go.". We have to pack up our things, too. Are we still waiting for others to drive us away? Mrs. Xu's funeral was suspended for seventy-seven and forty-nine days. Three days later, the funeral was held to deliver the obituary. In addition, Qi Qu was sent to the Xu Mansion in Shengjing to report the funeral. Gu Xiyan is in confinement. The sister-in-law Cui Shi was invited to assist in the funeral. Yan Gongfu people come and go every day, relatives and old friends, endless, noisy, noisy. The bell of the Taoist priest's practice hall and the cries of the female dependents gathered together in a mess. But the elder brother was surprised, sleeping restlessly, crying day and night, Gu Xiyan had no way, holding the child to the tea garden on the west side of Gongshun courtyard. After a few days of coaxing like this, my brother got better. But also made other mistakes, that is, to cling to people to sleep, a bed on the cry, began to Gu Xiyan also strong spirit to hold. Later, it was really unable to support, Duan Niang, Qin Mammy and Mrs. Wei, Bao Niang a few scheduled to hold him every day. Mrs. Wei was so angry that she scolded Mrs. Xu: "It's strange to die." Help me find the Taoist priest of the Hall of Light and get her up. When Qi Maosheng saw Gu Xiyan, he frowned and said, "Give the elder brother to the wet nurse. You can't do this any more." Now Gu Xiyan has no plan at all, eating big fish and meat every day, although he is thin. But the milk is full and thick. She could not help begging Qi Maosheng: "At least let him eat the first three months, and we will find a wet nurse who is about the same month as my brother." The child had a hard time, and both of them loved each other like treasures. How could Qi Maosheng not understand her mind. Looking at Gu Xiyan's pleading eyes,touch screen digital signage, Qi Maosheng stepped back again: "Find Aunt Gao to show you.." If you can do it, if you can't, find a wet nurse. You can't be capricious anymore. ?