He pulled the object in his neck, which was very simple. It was a statue of Guanyin with a red rope. This is more like a token of love, the emperor just did not say, this thing is handed down from our ancestors. Bai Yi still said with a cold face, "I don't deserve it. I have to go.." But Gu Mo had already taken off the little jade piece. "You put it on, and I'll let you go. How about that?" Bai Yi could not help frowning, the heart only said-first right and deal with him for a while, and then secretly throw this thing down the hill, and let him say, there is no evidence! Then he answered, "Since you love the Buddha, the poor nun accepted it." So, stretch out one's hand to want to take this thing to come over, Gu Mo is to step back however, that lukewarm and cool jade article is wiping the fingertip of Bai Yi to pass, did not fall into his hand. Bai Yi raised her eyebrows. What does that mean? He went back on his word again? Gu Mo naturally will not go back on his word, he hooked his lips, a few rich magnetic smile leaked out: "Even if I send you, it should also be by me for you to wear this." So said, he has already bent over to come over, Bai Yi did not hide, then with a strong man died,touch screen kiosk, let Gu Mo hang this jade son to his neck. This thing seems to still have the temperature of Gu Mo, let him feel a little uncomfortable. "So the poor nun retired." Bai Yi said so, but see Gu Mo with a smile, no words, the heart can not help but some doubt-so simple to let go of their own? He walked to the nunnery ahead, but after only twenty feet, he felt something was wrong. His legs were filled with lead and turned into stone, and he could not walk at all. He could not help frowning and took a step back,interactive whiteboard prices, but much more relaxed-there is a boundary here? Try to go forward again, still like just now, the legs will be like being bound by spider silk, difficult to move. Bai Yi a pair of long eyebrows slightly frowned, just at this time, suddenly heard behind the laughter, with a bit of banter, the footsteps also gradually approached here. A warm breath sprayed in Bai Yi's ear: "Little Fox, where are you going to escape?" A thought flashed through Bai Yi's mind-who on earth was he? If he is a glutton, who is the man of Bafanglou? Will Wang Gang be in danger? He was in such a crisis at this time that he even worried about others. Speaking of Wang Gang at this time, he took the painting to Bafanglou in a hurry and went straight along the path. This place had been trampled smooth. On weekdays, there were often little nuns who would go out to buy some gadgets on this road with their backs on their backs. Mingzhen looked at them on weekdays, that is, turning a blind eye, only to say that it was safe here. After he goes down, also saying is extremely coincidental, facial recognition thermometer ,temperature scanning kiosks, there is a carriage galloping on this road, Wang Gang stands in the middle of the road hurriedly and waves. The coachman saw such a man from a distance. He pulled the reins and asked, "Who are you?" Wang Gang lowered his head and hid the slightly ferocious scar between his eyebrows. He coughed and said, "I'm just a passer-by. I just want to ask if it's convenient for me to take a ride." The rickshaw puller waved his hand directly, but with a sudden movement, he approached the curtain of the rickshaw. He should have heard what the host had said. Then he asked, "It's very desolate here. Why are you here?" The coachman was very wary and guarded against him in his heart. Wang Gang had long thought that they would ask such a question. He had already made up his mind and said, "I passed by here today. I wanted to go to the Xinglin Nunnery to burn a wick of incense, but I never thought that the Xinglin Nunnery would not allow pilgrims to enter today. On the contrary, it was boring.". ” After a pause, he lowered his head even lower. He sighed and said, "Who would have thought that I was so unlucky that I couldn't burn incense? What makes people angry is that at the foot of this Bodhisattva, in such a pure place of Buddhism, someone quietly took my horse away!"! Poor me, it's hard for me to move around! The rickshaw driver looked at the road ahead and felt a little pity, but there was no village in front of him and no shop behind him. If the young man was allowed to walk all the way, it would be half light when he got out of the desolate road! Then he could not help pleading to the master inside: "Why not let him take a ride?"? Look how pitiful he is. A pleasant voice came from inside and said, "Ask him where he is going." The coachman raised his voice and asked, "Where are you going, strong man?" Wang Gang is not bright at the moment, the front of the horse to the north, naturally only one way to Kyoto, is to put him at the gate of the city, he can also save a lot of time! Of course, it's better if he can get into town smoothly. Then, with three points of excitement, he only said, "I was going to Bafanglou in admiration of my fame. If it is convenient for the host, he will put me at the city gate. I am also very grateful." "What a coincidence! We're going back to Bafanglou!" Chapter 80 the only sweetheart in this life. Bai Yi turned her back to Gu Mo and suddenly asked, "Who are you?" Gu Mo laughed and stretched out his hand to embrace the young man dressed as a little Taoist nun. He breathed faintly in his ear and said ambiguously, "Who am I? Shouldn't madam know best?" Bai Yi was silent for a long time, opened his mouth, and wanted to ask him how he found himself. After thinking about it, he was silent, and now he was like this. What's the meaning of asking this? Then he snorted coldly and said no more. Now his condition is very strange, he vaguely wants to use some of his own force, but can not use a trace, and, try to illusion prototype, but also completely unable! Bai Yi could not help looking down at the thing on his neck, thinking in his heart, what is the mystery of this thing? But the glutton said in the back, "Madam, come back to the palace with me!"! We do not know what this is, but life in the world, when carpe diem, and carpe diem ah! Bai Yi frowned and said helplessly, "You have done a lot of evil. After all, there are evil fruits."! Why don't you follow me back to the colorless heaven and be punished by the Father God and all living beings? When you return to the world,Interactive digital signage, don't do anything to bring disaster to the world. Heaven and earth are so big that you can roam freely. He said so, and thought so in his heart, that he would not be able to have a proper result by virtue of the thousands of creatures that had been devoured by gluttony. hsdtouch.com