Seeing this, Sima Yu smiled at Leng Rubing and said, "Sister, let's have a try. I don't want to win the silver. At least I have to see what clever ideas the master uses to blackmail people here." Leng Rubing nodded. Sima Yu had already handed in one or two pieces of silver. He took out a scroll of paper. When he opened it, it was a paragraph of inexplicable writing. The head of the arhat, the mouth of Maitreya, and the stars were listed eight and nine. Do you know this man? "The answer to this riddle is to guess a person," said Sima Yuqi. "There is no root and no reason. How can we guess?" Leng Rubing looked at it, his face suddenly changed, and he went straight to the shed with the paper roll in his sleeve. There was an old man sitting on the copywriter, who thought he was the host. When he saw Leng Rubing coming over, he smiled and said, "Did you hit the girl?" Leng Rubing stretched out a note and said, "Yes, but I don't want your silver!" As soon as the old man saw the riddle, he looked up at Leng Rubing and said, "Miss, I want to see my house." "That's right," said Leng Rubing. "Please let me know." The old man stood up and said, "Miss, please wait a minute. The old man asked if she could show her name first." Leng Rubing picked up a pen on the table and wrote a few words: Frost peaches and plums, green shirt Zhou Lang! The old man turned to the door with the note in his arms, but Sima Yu inexplicably said, "Sister!"! What kind of game are you playing? "Find your master," said Leng Rubing. "What does my master have to do with this riddle?" Asked Sima Yu in surprise. "Brother," said Leng Rubing! You really refuse to work hard. The first of the eighteen arhats is the long-browed arhat. Isn't Maitreya Buddha's mouth laughing all day? Sima Yu pondered for a moment and exclaimed, "Yes!"! Constellation list eight and nine, eight nine seventy-two, one hundred and eight constellations contain thirty-six days, seventy-two earth evil, the answer to this riddle is.. "It's your master's nickname," said Leng Rubing with a smile. "Long eyebrows and a smile." "That's interesting," said Sima Yu. "It's hard to imagine. But what does my master have to do with the people here? How could they use him as a riddle?" Leng Rubing thought for a moment and said, "I don't know. But people use your master's name as a riddle. They must be looking for us. There's no doubt about that." Sima Yu was half confused and wanted to ask again. Leng Rubing shook his hand and said, "Don't ask me. I'm as confused as you are. But I always have a hunch that something is wrong. Senior Xiao Qi may encounter some trouble!" As soon as Sima Yu's face changed and he was still waiting to speak, the old man came out of the room and said, "Miss Cold as Ice!"! Shaoxia Sima Yu, please welcome you two! "Excuse me, sir," said Sima Yu hurriedly, "is the family teacher here?" The old man smiled and said, "Who is the respected teacher?" Sima Yuqi said, "Since you can call out our surnames, how can you not know who my master is? And didn't you use my master's name as a riddle in the lantern riddle just now?" The old man shook his head with a smile and said, "The old man is even more unclear. If you two see my master, you may know the good news. As for respecting my master, you should also ask my master.." "Who is your residence?" Asked Sima Yu hurriedly? How to say that you may know the details, the mystery? Still smiling, white marble mosaic ,white marble slabs, the old man said, "I don't know you two, so I know your names because I saw the note written by the girl.." "Sister Leng," said Sima Yu, "I only know that your'peaches and plums in a frosty day 'are as beautiful as peaches and plums and as cold as frost. With your name in your mouth, how can I be a'green shirt Zhou Lang' again?" Leng Rubing said with a smile, "You've read the last sentence of Bai Letian's Pipa Line. Isn't there a sentence about Sima Yu's green shirt in Jiangzhou?"? Gongjin of the Kingdom of Wu of the Three Kingdoms was called Zhou Lang, and his name was also Yu. Sima Yu knocked on his head and said, "Really!"! I'm too stupid. Last time you played a riddle with Elder Li in the thatched pavilion to guess the name, I was one step behind. It seems that I was actually.. Leng Rubing said gently, "These little skills are not knowledge. Don't look down on yourself too much." With these words, the two of them followed the old man to the house, painting railings and carving pillars along the way, showing that the master's style was very great. When Leng Rubing saw that most of the servants next to him were young maids, he couldn't help feeling a little suspicious. Seeing this, the old man said with a smile, "My master is really a young lady!" Leng Rubing smiled and said, "I've known for a long time!" The old man couldn't help wondering, "Miss Leng, do you know me?" Leng Rubing said with a smile, "I've never met you before. I'm just judging from common sense. I'm not a young girl, and I don't have such a clever idea to make that kind of clever riddle.." Then the old man said with a smile, "Miss Leng really has a beautiful heart. I appreciate her very much." Leng Rubing said indifferently, and the old man took the two of them to the door of a delicate living room. "Miss Leng and Sima Yu, Shaoxia, are here," he said respectfully. As soon as the curtain of brocade beads was lifted, a row of brocade beauties came out. They were all eighteen or nineteen years old, holding a girl in their arms, but they were dressed a little more simply. The girl in plain clothes first looked at the two of them, then picked up the dimple and said with a smile, "Please go in and sit down." A faint greeting, a shallow smile, made Sima Yu and Leng Rubing unexpectedly unable to refuse, involuntarily followed her into the living room. The reason seems to be very mysterious, but the explanation is also very simple, as long as one word can be summed up, that is beauty! Young girls are mostly a little lovely, as long as they are not too annoying, they can give people a beautiful impression, but this woman has a different style. In the midst of a large group of beautiful girls, she showed a special charm, which made Sima Yu, as a man, shocked by heaven and man. Even Leng Rubing felt a kind of love and pity for her from the bottom of his heart! After everybody enters a sitting room, the chambermaid that has brocade dress early sets a seat, after that girl beckons two people to sit down, just say with a smile again: "Young woman Xue Qi..." "Miss Xue," said Sima Yu at once! Excuse me, where is the family teacher now? Xue Qi said with a smile, "Is Sima Shaoxia the Riddler?" "Exactly,pietra gray marble," said Sima Yu! The young lady will make the name of the family teacher into a lantern riddle, which must be.. Xue Qi interrupted him with a smile and said, "Long Eyebrow Smiling Evil Spirit was a guest in my humble abode yesterday. I'm still drunk at this time.." ?