"That's one of the advantages of the world of openness, there's numerous side quests, there's a lot of things one can take on that aren't on the campaign gold path" Fergusson said. "And the fact that the golden pathway is actually a branching path that allows you to choose when you'd like to take these branches and the order in which you want them to be done in."
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Diablo 4 creator says that players 'want open world with no restrictions, but they also want to know which direction to take'
By Andy Chalk published November 12, 2022
Blizzard has shared more information about its open-world approach for the forthcoming action RPG.
Diablo 4(opens in new tab) is set to be an open world. However, Blizzard hasn't been crystal clear about what exactly that means. In a new interview , which is available on IGN(opens in new tab) Game director Joe Shely and Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson went a bit more in depth about what players can expect to find when they return to the world of Sanctuary.
"One of the main concerns with placing 'open world' on large neon signs and flashing that sign is that people are influenced by the idea of"the Breath of the Wild type of'Oh it's completely organic and I can wander around and do anything and then I'll discover it for myself'," Fergusson said. "That's not really our story. Our story is non-linear however there's a story. We wanted to have a start with a middle and an ending. We wanted to begin from a exact point, and to finish at a particular area."If you want to learn more about Diablo 4 Gold?piease vist MMOexp