Brief Overview of Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate:
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Question: 1You discover that VM3 does NOT meet the technical requirements.You need to verify whether the issue relates to the NSGs.What should you use?
A. Diagram in VNet1B. the security recommendations in Azure AdvisorC. Diagnostic settings in Azure MonitorD. Diagnose and solve problems in Traffic Manager ProfilesE. IP flow verify in Azure Network Watcher
Answer: EExplanation:Scenario: Litware must meet technical requirements including:Ensure that VM3 can establish outbound connections over TCP port 8080 to the applications servers in the Montreal office.IP flow verify checks if a packet is allowed or denied to or from a virtual machine. The information consists of direction, protocol, local IP, remote IP, local port, and remote port. If the packet is denied by a security group, the name of the rule that denied the packet is returned. While any source or destination IP can be chosen, IP flow verify helps administrators quickly diagnose connectivity issues from or to the internet and from or to the on-premises environment.References:
Question: 2You need to meet the technical requirement for VM4.What should you create and configure?A. an Azure Notification HubB. an Azure Event HubC. an Azure Logic AppD. an Azure services Bus
Answer: BExplanation:Scenario: Create a workflow to send an email message when the settings of VM4 are modified.You can start an automated logic app workflow when specific events happen in Azure resources or thirdparty resources. These resources can publish those events to an Azure event grid. In turn, the event grid pushes those events to subscribers that have queues, webhooks, or event hubs as endpoints. As a subscriber, your logic app can wait for those events from the event grid before running automated workflows to perform tasks - without you writing any code.References:
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Question: 3You need to recommend a solution to automate the configuration for the finance department users. The solution must meet the technical requirements.What should you include in the recommended?
A. Azure AP B2CB. Azure AD Identity ProtectionC. an Azure logic app and the Microsoft Identity Management (MIM) clientD. dynamic groups and conditional access policies
Answer: DExplanation:Scenario: Ensure Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the users in the finance department only. The recommendation is to use conditional access policies that can then be targeted to groups of users, specific applications, or other conditions.References:
Question: 4Which blade should you instruct the finance department auditors to use?A. invoicesB. partner informationC. cost analysisD. External services
Answer: CExplanation:Cost analysis: Correct OptionIn cost analysis blade of Azure, you can see all the detail for custom time span. You can use this to determine expenditure of last few day, weeks, and month. Below options are available in Cost analysis blade for filtering information by time span:  last 7 days, last 30 days, and custom date range. Choosing the first option (last 7 days) auditors can view the costs by time span.Cost analysis shows data for the current month by default. Use the date selector to switch to common date ranges quickly. Examples include the last seven days, the last month, the current year, or a custom date range. Pay-as-you-go subscriptions also include date ranges based on your billing period, which isn't bound to the calendar month, like the current billing period or last invoice. Use the <PREVIOUS and NEXT> links at the top of the menu to jump to the previous or next period, respectively. For example, <PREVIOUS will switch from the Last 7 days to 8-14 days ago or 15-21 days ago.
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