·         How do I transfer my Sage 50 to a new computer?

·         How to migrate Sage 50 to a new machine.


Installing Sage 50 on the new computer:

1.   You do now no longer want the set up Disk to install Sage 50.

2.   To down load and set up the l atest model of Sage 50 consult with article ID 13171 Registration, Downloading, Installation, and Activation.

·        To get the latest version.Visit our website: Sage 50 2021 download

Transferring your Data File:

Option 1 - Use a Sage 50 Backup:

1.   Create the backup and save to an external media device.

2.   Restore the backup on the brand new computer


Option 2 - Find your data folder and file:

1.   In Sage 50, pass to File, Properties.

2.   Note the Location and Company File name.

3.   Copy the .saj folder and the .sai document to an outside media device.

4.   Copy and paste the .saj folder and .sai document onto the brand new computer. (Example: C:Accounting Data).

5.   Open Sage 50 to the welcome screen.

6.   Choose Select an present organization and open your organization document.


Option 3 - File is shared using Remote Data Access:

·        Download a organisation report shared with Remote Data Access (previously Sage Drive)? to down load the report from Remote Data Access to the brand new machine.

Our Support:

If you are still unable to transfer Sage 50 to new computer,then you must connect with our Sage 50 online support team through Sage 50 live chat support 24x7. You can also visit our website for the complete information regarding Sage 50 software.

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