I don’t think that there would be anyone who hasn’t used Snapchat at least once in their lives or at least heard of it. Well, the app is so engaging and impressive that we can’t resist using it. The pretty and cool filters make our pictures so much more beautiful. Plus it lets you save all those snaps in its entirely separated gallery. 

But that’s not all about Snapchat and its cool features, there’s also a feature called “My Eyes Only”. What this feature is made for is to hide your snaps. We all have something that we want to keep secret, that we don't want anyone else to see, that is what Snapchat’s ‘My Eyes Only” is made for. It keeps your snaps in a separate folder and if you want to visit that folder you will have to fill in a password for it. It means only you can have access to it. 

The only thing to remember about this feature is that, in case you forget the password to it, you can reset it but you will lose all your data stored in that. So make sure that you remember the password to it. 

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