It was Feng Yan'er's brother who came. Feng Huang, who ranks first in the list of hidden dragon gods! "Get out." Feng Huang's face was expressionless, glancing at the crowd in the room, and the indifferent voice slowly swung open without a trace of emotional fluctuation. Yes As if granted amnesty, they bowed respectfully and carefully withdrew from the room. Feng Huang body reveals the breath is too terrible, just indifferent to make everyone's heart as if pressed by a mountain, breathing a little dull, cold sweat instantly seeped out. After they left, the heavy bluestone door slowly closed, slightly empty room only Feng Huang brother and sister two people, until the moment Feng Huang face of the indifference of the s sè just quietly convergence. Looking at Feng Yan'er, a touch of spoiling appeared between her eyebrows. Nizi, what happened? Feng Huang opened his mouth, and a gentle voice came out slowly. When RrFeng Yan'er was slapped twice by Ke Bei. She gave her brother Feng Huang a spiritual thought through the Qinglong card, but at that time Feng Huang was practicing in seclusion and did not notice it. Brother ~ whoo ~ As soon as Feng Huang asked, the grievance in Feng Yan'er's heart suddenly burst out. Tears like a flood burst flowing, lying on the body of Feng Huang grievance crying. Feng Yan'er has never suffered any grievance since she was a child. Not to mention being slapped! "Tell me who bullied you?" Holding the sister crying in her arms, Feng Huang's face was getting colder and colder, and his eyes were flashing with the intention of killing, which seemed to congeal into substance, making the surrounding temperature suddenly drop! Feng Yan'er is his sister, the only sister, if Feng Yan'er frowns and does not like,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, Feng Huang will kill people, and at the moment Feng Yan is obviously not so simple, she shed tears. Tears because of grievance! The crystal tears were like a sharp knife, which pierced the softest part of the heart. Brother ~ Ke Bei, Ke Bei hit me! Feng Yan'er sobbed and said. Ke Bei! Feng Huang narrowed his eyes slightly, and his voice was deep and terrible. I remember, hidden dragon God ranking battle, I will waste him. "If he dares to step out of the hidden dragon star, I will destroy him,S Adenosyl Methionine, and no one will let you be wronged!" Feng Huang's eyes sparkled with cold light. He took a deep breath and said word by word that he wanted to kill Ke Bei now, but he had to endure it. He had to abide by the rules of Qianlong Star. If he killed Ke Bei in Qianlong Star, he would also kill him. On the fourth floor of Qianlong Hall, in Room 721, the space ripples, and the slightly tender Lijiang River suddenly appears. Hidden Dragon God Ranking Battle, this time I must enter the six hundred! Small Lijiang suddenly clenched his fist, his talent is not weak, understand the five systems of law, but previously only the perfect integration of the three systems, now he has the perfect integration of the four systems of law, self-created secret method "three-pole sword" than promoted to "four-pole sword"! On the third floor of Qianlong Hall, Room 808, Su Ming sat quietly with his eyes slightly closed. Suddenly, Su Ming opened his eyes, and the surrounding space suddenly rippled. Is this the general trend of heaven and earth? Su Ming smiled indifferently at the corners of his mouth and clenched his fist slowly. Ke Bei, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, if you don't make progress, you will lose to me this time. Su Ming murmured softly, his talent is not strong, understand the three rules, such talent in the hidden dragon God list members can only be regarded as the weakest, but his heart is firm and terrible! "After three million years, I finally touched the threshold of the general trend of heaven and earth." Even if it's just an entry, the strong man in the lower world will not be my opponent! Su Ming is extremely confident. The general trend of heaven and earth is a vague artistic conception. If the general trend of heaven and earth is perfect, then it is very simple to comprehend the artistic conception. Su Ming is just a strong person in the virtual realm. It is really incredible that he can comprehend the general trend of earth and heaven! It is also very difficult for one of the ten thousand strong people in the main realm to comprehend the existence of artistic conception. Although the general trend of heaven and earth is much simpler, it is good to have one of the three thousand strong people in the main realm to comprehend. Su Ming is just a strong man in the virtual realm. He can understand the general trend of heaven and earth. He is so talented that he can also rank in the top ten if he looks at the hidden dragon star! Once in ten thousand years, the ranking battle of the potential God list is about to begin. A total of 2293 members of the hidden dragon God list appeared one by one in the open square on the top floor of the hidden dragon hall. Brother Ke Bei, sister Linger is not here. Small Lijiang stands in the crowd, eyebrows tight, Qianlong God ranking battle only once in ten thousand years, if missed, no matter how high the previous ranking, directly become the bottom of the existence! At this moment, in the temple of the gods and demons of the stars, Luo Ling's eyelashes moved slightly, and then slowly opened his eyes. Chapter 583 a leisurely stroll. () Buzz ~ ~ The void shook slightly, as if a stone had fallen into the lake, ripples slowly opened, and Ke Bei, sitting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes, feeling the power of the void, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. How do you feel, Linger? Luo Ling is suspended in the void, purple sè skirt is blowing with the wind, three thousand hair is freely draped on the shoulder, jj?ng has a faint smile on his little face, elegant temperament, the smile at the corners of his mouth is as light as lotus, as clear as water, looks very warm and comfortable, just like a wisp of cool breeze suddenly rolled up in the hot summer blowing on his face, refreshing feeling goes straight to the bottom of his heart, wonderful. There seems to be billions of bright stars twinkling in the black and white eyes, long eyelashes trembling slightly, as if the fairy just woke up, Luo Ling's appearance has not changed, but the temperament is more attractive! If the former Luo Ling is just an ordinary beauty, then at this moment Luo Ling is a fairy, not only beautiful but also temperament floating out of the dust, elegant as lotus, a smile is enough to stir people's hearts. Feeling Very comfortable. Luo Ling took a slow breath with his arms on his body, and his face was filled with intoxication. Very comfortable! Luo Ling really feels very comfortable, fused the crystal of the inheritance of the stars and demons, inherited the talent of the stars and demons, the perception of heaven and earth is naturally different, this perception has nothing to do with the law of heaven and earth,Sex Enhancement Powder, but a sense of control, as if everything is in their own control! "Well?" Suddenly Ke Bei raised his eyebrows slightly, and the Qinglong card appeared in his hand.