My grandfather was ill the other day. I haven't been online for two days. I didn't leave a phone number for Beiwang at that time. He was worried that something would happen to me, so he bought a train ticket overnight and came to our school to find me. In fact, when we chatted before, we only said the general name of the school and the major. Grade, he didn't even know which class I was in, so he pulled a person around the campus and asked around, trying to find me. Finally, after asking dozens of people, he finally heard that I had gone to the hospital. He didn't even have a rest and came to the hospital to accompany me to take care of my grandfather. My family also think that he is sincere to me, I think, once I disappear, he can come to me regardless of anything, it should be sincere. You know, I've always had a good chat with Beiwang, so I took this opportunity to talk about it! I didn't have time to play until I sent him to the train. No, I came to tell you the news as soon as I came up. Er, Dian Dian, are you all right? Why are you so pale? Juanzi happily finished talking about her relationship with Beiwang,Thyroid Powder Factory, but as soon as she looked up, she saw Ye Lanlan's face was like a blank sheet of paper, and she looked very uncomfortable. Ye Lanlan waved her hand and squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying. She said lightly, "Juanzi, I'm a little uncomfortable. I'll get off the line and rest for a while. Let's talk about it later." "Well, get off the line quickly and go to the hospital if you don't feel well!" Juanzi and Ye Lanlan are not a city, when it comes to reality,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, she can't help, only to urge Ye Lanlan to get off the line quickly. Ye Lanlan nodded with difficulty and quickly got off the line. Juanzi looked at the empty table opposite, always felt something was wrong, and could not say why. Ye Lanlan pushed open the game warehouse, relying on the cold game warehouse to sit on the ground, hands around the knees, buried his head in, low crying out. She lied to Juanzi just now. She was in good health. How could she suddenly feel uncomfortable. She was sad because the story told by Juanzi brought back her memories, and the process of her love with Xiao Ming was very similar to that of Juanzi. Ye Lanlan met Xiao Ming at a party in her sophomore year. Xiao Ming is also a grass in a big school. He looks handsome and handsome. He treats people with courtesy and discipline. His words and deeds give people a feeling of spring breeze. He is very popular with teachers and classmates. At that time, Ye Lanlan never thought Xiao Ming would take a fancy to her, so when Xiao Ming asked her out, she usually found a reason to refuse. However, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Xiao Ming is not a person who will give up easily. Instead, the more frustrated he is, the more brave he is. In his junior year, he can meet Ye Lanlan by chance almost every day. It was in this case that Ye Lanlan's mother suddenly fell ill. After she asked for leave to go home to take care of her mother, Xiao Ming also found out. Like Beiwang, Xiao Ming bought a ticket overnight and went to Ye Lanlan's hometown to stay in the hospital to take care of Ye's mother. At that time, Ye Lanlan was almost 20 years old. After her grandfather died, her mother was the only relative in the family. The mother and daughter depended on each other. After her mother fell down, Ye Lanlan really panicked at that time. Xiao Ming's appearance was no different for her. The drowning man grasped the last straw. Handle all kinds of procedures, care for patients, find a doctor to understand the situation and so on a series of things are Xiao Ming accompanied her, now Ye Lanlan have to admit that if not for Xiao Ming accompanied, perhaps she would really collapse. It was also after this incident that Ye Lanlan's mother and daughter sincerely accepted Xiao Ming and recognized him. But who would have thought that things would change? Just three years later, everything has changed. Ye Lanlan wiped her tears. In fact, what really hurts after breaking up is not the bad things in the past, but the good memories. These memories are like poppies, beautiful but full of toxicity, and they are like knives when recalled. I remember when I went back to school, my expression and even feeling were the same as Juanzi now. Ye Lanlan also vaguely remembered Bai Yingxue's blessing to her after she told her sisters in the dormitory that she and Xiao Ming were in love. No one expected that everything would be like this in three years! Ye Lanlan took a deep breath and comforted herself in her heart that Juanzi was not her and Beiwang was not Xiao Ming. Their love may also go through many difficulties and obstacles. But the end will not be the same as hers, so she should not worry about it. Tidy up your mood. It was almost dawn, and Ye Lanlan was not in the mood to play games, so she simply took a hot bath, threw herself on the bed, and went to sleep in the quilt. Ye Lanlan was woken up by a burst of phone calls. She opened her tired eyes, got up, grabbed the phone at the head of the bed, and pressed the answer button. There was a gentle and sweet female voice: "Miss Ye Lanlan.". I'm sorry to bother you at this hour. "I'm an assistant to the HR manager of Milan Culture Company. Our company's recruitment scheduled for Friday has been changed to 9 o'clock this morning. Is it convenient for you to come here today?" Ye Lanlan looked up at the white sunshine outside the window. I'm afraid it's a little difficult to catch nine o'clock at this time. The girl on the other end of the phone saw that she didn't say anything for a long time. She quickly said apologetically in a low voice: "Miss Ye Lanlan, I should have informed you yesterday, but because I was too busy, I forgot it carelessly and caused you trouble. I'm really sorry. Miss Ye, you must come here. This mistake is caused by me. You and I will pay for the taxi, OK?"? I have only been in the company for more than a month, and the probation period has not passed. If the manager knows about it, I will have to go home and eat myself. Please help me! Similar experiences are always easy to arouse people's compassion. Ye Lanlan is also a newcomer in the workplace. Remembering the year she graduated, the magazine asked her to interview a local building materials king independently. She went to the office and waited for three afternoons to get someone. Ye Lanlan couldn't help but sympathize with the girl on the other end of the phone. Looked up at the clock, the clock had just climbed to eight o'clock, she held tight, the past should also be able to catch up. Ye Lanlan said softly, "OK, I'll try my best!" "Thank you, Miss Ye,Quillaja Saponin, you are really a good man!" The grateful girl said a lot of meaningless words, nothing more than thanking her, inviting her to dinner and so on.