The priest continued to hope for several companions, and as a result, his perspective turned to look. The four men failed to grab it, and the distance seemed to be a little far. The battle mage will indeed move faster than the class of these four people when he is in the state of no attribute dazzling pattern. But the problem was that the battle mage had to attack him while running, and as a result, the movement was not delayed. The priest immediately understood that the man's operation was not only precise, but also quite fast, and completed these attacks on the move. The two of you over there "knight" players also found that chasing each other's buttocks like this is definitely not a thing. It's a small island, and the other side doesn't want to go into the water. Otherwise, you could have just pushed the priest and walked away. Of course, the priest's level was clear to his teammates, but he was not a weak man. As a result, he was kicked all the way forward like a ball, and there was nothing he could do. How strong is the softness of the cold smoke? Several people have a little spectrum in their hearts. Had it not been for the advantage of numbers, he would have turned around and run away. Hold on for a while. Cried the knight. Hurry up. "The priest is not anxious.". Tang Rou's perspective constantly turned to observe the whole audience, and saw that the other four people were divided into two, and the two people went around in the opposite direction. Naturally, it was necessary to take another route to intercept him. Tang Rou was thinking about how to change, and Ye Xiu's voice was already ringing in her ears: "Don't worry, wait for me to remind you." "Oh.." Tang Rou answered, indeed,Heme Iron Polypeptide, how to continue to get rid of the next, she actually has no idea. Then, after pushing the priest three times, Ye Xiu suddenly said, "The next blow is to the left." As soon as the voice fell, Han Yanrou rushed to the front. Tang Rou almost continued to push forward. Hearing Ye Xiu's words, he hurriedly changed to push forward to the left. The priest flew out all of a sudden. Han Yanrou turned and continued to catch up. Falling flower palm push once. Ye Xiu went on to say that Tang Rou also obeyed orders and went up to record another falling flower palm. Of course, the direction of the blast is precisely grasped. If you are too far away,L Methylfolate Factory, the priest has already got up when you arrive, so you will naturally move; if you are too close, you will be suspected of wasting your skills. As a result, each of these hands is basically the priest, in any case, there is no time to guard against the next attack. Tang Rou is not perfect enough to master this kind of operation, but as for those who already know how to use it, they are not blindly bold and unrestrained, and they are a little free. Sky Strike, Jump, Round Dance Stick In Ye Xiu's prompt, Tang Rou had no time to think about it, but made the operation Ye Xiu said one after another. The round dancing stick hit the priest in the air and fell down in a big circle, but it just hit the priest on the top of the cave. Jump, Kava Root Extract ,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, dragon's tooth, go around. According to the steps of Ye Xiu's command, Tang Rou played very comfortably. The four men who had just prepared to outflank the left and right sides were thrown behind in the same direction in a flash. Stop for a while and hit it hard. In front of the copy of the cave, the priest was not pushed out in a hurry this time, but was beaten wildly at the entrance of the cave. Be careful not to get into the copy. Ye Xiu shouted repeatedly. Tang Rou this kill the rise, forget this is a copy of the entrance, just a step almost stepped on the boundary. If you want to cross the line, the system will read the bar into the copy immediately, without ambiguity. Oh, "Tang Rou lowered her perspective and was startled." Almost. Keep pushing, towards the water. Ye Xiu called. The spears came out, and the priest was driven to the water's edge with tears streaming down his face. He has the skill of recovery, but he has no chance to use it. As a priest, actually use drugs such means to restore life, this many ah, and now the life potion is cooling, in view of the other side's attack damage, the priest knows that he has no time to wait for the next chance to take drugs. Either you die or you are saved by your partners. Anyway what operation was done was done in vain, and the priest simply sent a message in the team channel: "Hurry up, I'm dying." "The man was so cunning that he almost surrounded him just now." The four of them were rushing this way desperately at this time. "He is going to die." The priest was very anxious. By the time of a few messages, the priest had been pushed to the water by Tang Rou. Step up the kill. If you're fast enough, there's no problem. Ye Xiu said. This kind of words is undoubtedly very effective for Tang Rou, and she doesn't want to be evaluated by Ye Xiu as "not fast enough" in the end. She knows very well that hand speed is her greatest reliance at present, and if even this is despised, it will be a shame. Pa, pa, pa, pa.. Successive keyboard strokes and mouse clicks were mixed together, and simple attacks and skills were rapidly linked together, which quickly hit the priest. The priest did not expect that the rhythm of the other side's attack could be faster at this time. He had great expectations for being rescued, but at this time, the rapid loss of life made his expectations gradually cool. He watched the four partners running closer and closer, but he was afraid that he would not be able to support himself until that time. Hold on. "Of the four, the Elemental Mage is still a long-range attacker. As soon as he enters the attack range of the skill, he immediately begins to chant.". Tang Rou also heard the shouting, and the perspective quickly shook a glance at the elemental master, and saw that he was singing there. Ye Xiu's voice, however, had already called out: "It's the ice wall, and then stick the first two positions." Tang Rou hurriedly attack, forward. As soon as he finished the displacement Ye Xiu said, he heard a crisp sound behind him. The three ice walls had already stood up straight, in a triangular shape. If he hadn't rushed out of these two positions, he would obviously have been locked in the middle by the ice walls. This element mage instantly puts the ice wall into such a shape accurately, and the operation is also good. By the real back, "the Elemental Mage over there shouted gloomily." It's all right if you don't say a few words. "The other three people are also depressed.". Indeed, if the elemental master had not shouted "hold on",Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Tang Rou would not have turned back to look at the distance, and if he had not turned to look at the distance, Ye Xiu would not have found that the elemental master's singing action was to build an ice wall.