"What?" There was a buzz in the Ashram! No one thought that the man lying in the coffin was his brother. It's just I didn't come all this way for charity. The account of the Kunlun avalanche, the account of two of my companions who died and two of them who were injured, and the account of me and my disciples, friends, and my unborn child who were buried under the Kunlun Mountains for 13 days, I want to clear it up. Your old grandson is only one of them, and there are three more. Xia Shao did not look at anyone, but looked at the old master of the Earth Imperial Gate and said slowly. White-haired people send the pain of black-haired people, if possible, she did not want to let the old man experience, he has never offended Xuanmen, and even want to deal with the relationship between the two factions. But that doesn't mean she won't do what she should do. The two mercenaries who died in the Kunlun Mountains also had parents, and she also had parents. If she doesn't come back in this life, her parents won't even know where she's buried. She is going to ask for this account. And this old man, he is really old. Such a big thing happened in the school. Two disciples died. Didn't he know? He should know, only the cause of death of two people, he was hidden by the younger generation in the past. The leader of the school was deceived by the younger generation, and he was really old. Sure enough, the old master's body shook and his face turned white. He should have understood some of the lies during this period of time. Xia Shao's words were not explicitly stated, but they could not have been more clearly stated. However, it was a great shame for the disciples of the same school to be killed in front of them, and the disciples of the Ashram reacted with indignation! One man rushed out and accused, "You said we did it, is that us?"? Do you have any proof? There is no evidence to kill my young master,gold shaking table, humiliate my dojo, and pay for my life! Apology! As soon as this person is angry, other people must echo, the summer peony suddenly raises the hand, in the air suddenly comes a transparent vigor, only listens to the sound, the blood line flies! In the Ashram, there was a moment of silence. The clamorous man stiffened and took a long time to realize that he was still alive. He was still alive, and it was the two men behind him who died,gold heap leaching, both of whom had the same cut on their necks and fell to the ground staring and turning in their grave. The panic in his eyes before he died was exactly the same as that of Hideki Tsutomoto. There's another one. Xia Shao's voice sounded faintly, but it was like thunder in the ears of the people around him. At this time, no one thought about how she was sure that the two people were the ones she wanted to seek revenge, and there was only one word in everyone's mind. Arrogant! He came alone to seek revenge, kick the gym, kill people, and ignore everyone in the room. Their indignation and accusations were not in her eyes, and she only wanted to settle her own accounts. This is more than the realm of arrogance? When the reaction came over, all the Onmyoji present turned red, and the great shame was in front of them. Some of them could not stand it and roared, and the rest of them approached one after another, surrounding Xia Shao in the dojo. Xia Shao stood with his hands on his back, never looking at these people, smiling on his lips but mocking them to the extreme. In this world, there are always people who value face more than reason. Her smile in the eyes of the public, can not help but more annoyed, sodium cyanide price ,gold CIP machine, a chaotic denunciation of scolding, as if to discuss, all together out of the move! However, as if to discuss, all the tricks have not been able to use. In the Ashram, the vitality stops quietly, not only is it not called by the Onmyoji, but even their Shikigami cannot be called out! There was a long silence, a dead atmosphere, and at first everyone stared in shock, and then there was a wheezing sound. What's wrong This is the question that everyone wants to ask. But Xia Shao gave a sneer, not seeing her whole body shake open, only to feel the vitality that had been motionless a moment ago, suddenly burst open! A crowd of people shouted and smashed out, hundreds of dull sounds, blood vomited all over the floor, and no one could get up. Everyone covered their chests on the ground and stared in horror at the woman standing in the Ashram. No one knows how she did it, or even saw her do it. However, this is the gap in strength. Enemy a hundred with one, hurt with one's hands-an insurmountable gap of strength! But Xia Shao looked at a man in the dojo in many eyes and smiled, "There is another one." With a shock and a flash in his eyes, the man hurriedly said, "Master Xia, I didn't participate in what happened on the Kunlun Mountains." It was Yoshikichi who spoke, but his opening was tantamount to admitting what Hidekazu had done. The old master almost fell down in a flash, and the rest of the Onmyoji, who did not believe it at first, looked at the Earth Imperial Gate in shock. You weren't involved. You just acquiesced. Xia Shao opened his mouth lightly. The affair of the last mission made Tsutomu Yoshikichi lose face in front of the politicians of his country. He was a shrewd man and dared not trouble her, but it was true that he was always suppressed by her. So, when his nephew did it, he knew it was risky, so he shrewdly did not participate, but afterwards, in order to restore Onmyoji's reputation in politics, he arranged for many people he knew to contact Jiang Shan. How can these things be hidden from her? "I.." Tu Yumen Shanji's forehead was forced to sweat and wanted to explain, but Xia Shao didn't want to waste time here and raised his hand. Stop it! As soon as the old master drank in a trembling voice, a man was knocked out of the crowd at the same time, and suddenly he hit the Earth Imperial Gate Shanji and knelt down in front of Xia Shao with a splash! Summer peony eyebrow peak a pick, slowly stop, but once again silent in the dojo. Kneeling in front of her was a girl of seventeen or eighteen years old. She stood in front of Tu Yu Men Shan Ji and gave Xia Shao a big gift. "Please allow me to take the blame for my father," she said. The girl's voice is clear, but her eyes are firm. Xia Shao had an impression of this girl. She was there when she first visited the Dojo of the Tuyumen family. But did not say a word, a quiet girl almost without a sense of existence. The focus of the family is on her father and brother, and she looks insignificant. Even Tuyumen Zenkichi did not think that this daughter, who was not taken seriously by herself at ordinary times, would stand up to protect him at this time. His eyes turned red after the shock. At the time of life and death, only to see the truth, but unfortunately. Maybe it's too late. Xia Shao looked at the girl's eyes, she was not good at words, only said this sentence, then did not open her mouth, but knelt on the ground with the greatest etiquette, there was no coercion,manganese beneficiation plant, no anger, no fear in her eyes, there was only tenacity and request. ore-magnetic-mining.com