"I said how the Dragon Kings could arrange a delicate magic array. It turns out that there is a human here, and it is also a light magician. It seems that you are invited by the Dragon Kings to help." Nian Bing knew that the Lord was coming, and there was a white light between his eyebrows. Through the eye of heaven, he clearly saw a figure hidden in the black fog. Walking in the front was a man shrouded in black robes. It was he who spoke. Beside him, on the left was a slender, fair-skinned woman with some abnormalities. The woman looked very beautiful, but she showed a strange breath. On his right, there was a thick gray and black fog. Seeing this thick fog, Nian Bing's heart suddenly sank. He had not seen the same thing before. Behind the three of them, there are hundreds of dark breath shrouded in all kinds of monsters, they can no longer be called people, because they have no human shape and human breath, but read ice can not name these dark creatures. Nian Bing did not speak, constantly condensing the magic elements in the air, just used a magic, he needs to restore his magic as soon as possible. So it's you, boy. Safin was the first to rush out of the black fog with an angry roar. Chapter 123 the Vampire Queen. As soon as he heard his voice, Nian Bing recognized him and said in surprise,chrome washing machine, "Safin, you're not dead?"? Okay, it's okay not to die. Just because you didn't die last time doesn't mean you won't die this time. I don't think the holy teacher will let you go this time. As he spoke, he pointed to the holy sword on the ground. Safin's breath stagnated, and when he saw the holy sword, he felt a sense of fear from the depths of his soul. Where did he know that the holy sword,Carbon in Pulp, which exudes a holy breath, had already lost its connection with the holy teacher? Although the sacred breath above was very strong, the strength of reading ice was not enough to pose a great threat to him. Oh? Safin, you know each other? The evil moon said lightly. Safin replied respectfully, "Report back to the Evil Lord. This boy is the human who I told you almost destroyed my body and spirit last time. He has the Dawn Sword of the Holy Teacher in his hand. It is very powerful. It was the holy flame on this sword that made me so weak last time." He hated Nian Bing very much in his heart. If he hadn't met Nian Bing and the sword of light, how could he have been weak enough to be captured by Youyou, let alone become a servant of the evil moon? For such a powerful dark creature as him, there was nothing more painful than restricting his freedom. Had it not been for the words of the evil moon that moved him, he would rather explode himself than be used by other dark creatures. See Nian Bing again at this time. If he had eyes, I'm afraid he would have already spouted fire. The evil moon glanced at the seven magic swords on the ground. There was a trace of surprise in his green eyes. He did not move forward any more. He said calmly, "Human, if you leave now.". I can pretend that nothing has happened. Our goal is only the seven dragon kings. Call them out. He is not sure about this action, and he is not willing to create complications. Nian Bing smiled indifferently. "Just because you little people want to find the Seven Dragon Kings?" He said disdainfully? I am enough to deal with you. Yes, mineral flotation ,tin beneficiation plant, I set up the magic array outside, but it's just an appetizer before dinner. Xie Yue looked at Nian Bing quietly and said, "In that case, don't blame me for being rude." As he spoke, he waved his hand, and two dark shadows flew out behind him, rushing in the direction of Nianbing like lightning. If Nian Bing had not experienced more than three months of baptism with the Earth Dragon King Fatty, he would never have been able to cope with such a rapid attack, but. Now is not the same, the other side no matter how fast, he can also see through the eye of heaven, it is two giants more than ten feet tall, strong body exudes a strong evil breath. In the process of rushing at a high speed, the dead gray air condensed into two long knives, which were cut from both sides of the ice. Nian Bing did not move, he wanted to give the other side an inscrutable feeling. When the evil moon and his party appeared, he had already prepared the incantation and watched two dark shadows rush into the five feet in front of him. Suddenly, the seven colors of light shone in an instant, and the seven divine blades on the ground disappeared. What could be faster than the speed of energy when seven blurry shadows crisscross? The puppet of the whole series of shadows has appeared again. The bodies of the two demons were frozen in the air, and the next moment, they had turned into pieces of meat, and the wind was blowing. The ground of minced meat turned to ashes and disappeared. The evil moon frowned, indeed, from the surface he could not see the depth of the ice, especially the seven knives in front of the ice body made him very confused, each knife exudes enough strong breath, although the two demons are not very strong. But their bodies were strong enough to kill two demons in an instant so that he could not see how to do it, and the ice in front of them had attracted enough attention from the evil Lord. The young human in front of him obviously knew Safin. He could stay here and naturally knew the strength of his side. However, he still did not flinch at all. It was obvious that he was not afraid of himself and others, or that he had anything to rely on. None of the seven dragon kings appeared. Was this a trap? Evil month some hesitated, after all, he is not absolutely sure of this action. Nian Bing saw that the other side did not move, happy to wait, what he had to do was to delay time, seven shadow puppets floating hidden behind him, these shadow puppets that could absorb innate Qi by themselves would not consume his energy. Although Safin hated Nian Bing very much, he had deep scruples about Shengyao Dao and dared not take the initiative to fight for a while. He could only watch Nian Bing stand there and look at himself disdainfully. Evil Lord, let me do it. Sina's charming voice sounded, and her figure flashed. She had already flown more than ten feet ahead and stopped not far in front of Nian Bing. She looked up and down at Nian Bing, smiled and said,gold cil machine, "Young man, you are very handsome. I don't know how blood tastes." There was an evil light in his eyes, and his eyes flickered and stared at Nian Bing. ore-magnetic-mining.com