"This is not an ordinary woman, to see the officer was killed, not only not afraid, but dare to step on the blood to follow the murderer." Chu Dan Mo looked at it. Bloody footprints, thoughtfully. Let's follow first. These murderers are cruel. If the woman is found, she will not come to a good end. Zong Zheng Luo Yun Jian Discuss the way. Chu light ink nodded, when the first line, Feng Qinglan keep up, Zong Zhengluoyun tail. After only two steps, Chu Danmo stopped and turned to Zong Zheng Luoyun, saying, "Elder Martial Brother, did you put Diexiang on the shopkeeper of Tianxiang Building?" "After I lost him last time, I found an opportunity to sprinkle some butterfly incense on him. The weight was very light, and the sensitivity of the younger martial sister was really different." Like. Zong Zheng Luoyun praised. It seems that the shopkeeper who went downstairs this day has been mentioned today. Chu Danmo stepped forward. Maybe the last time I followed him, he was surprised, so the time was advanced. Zong Zhengluoyun looked around and felt waves. Cold in the morning breeze. Maybe they have something big planned for today, so they're ahead of schedule. With a wise light in his eyes, Chu said in a low voice, "If." They just came to give people away, and there was no need to kill the yamen runners they had bribed, and even if they did, there was no need to waste the fresh corpses. Why don't you take them up to the ghost '? "? "Mo'er is as careful as dust." Feng Qinglan's eyes are flowing with warm waves, smiling at Chu Dan Mo. In fact,Glass Cream Jars, you have already seen it. Chu Danmo gave him an angry look. Feng Qinglan smiled without a word. Zong Zhengluoyun looked at the tacit understanding in front of the two people, Qing Zhan's eyes quickly flashed a dark light, and then quietly continued to inspect the environment. The woman was found, and they did it here. Chu Dan Mo walked to a fork in the road, looking at the bloodstains, and those messy. Vegetation, squatting down to pick up a leaf and a broken grass, "These leaves are intact, but they are shaken off by the inner strength,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, and these broken grass are broken out neatly." It should be cut off by a sword. "It's a sword." Feng Qinglan stood in front of a piece of ancient wood with deep sword marks, looking at a small pool of blood under the ancient wood. "It was a woman who used the sword." And she suffered some serious internal injuries. Chu Dan Mo immediately quickened the pace of tracking, Feng Qinglan hurriedly dodged to keep up. There's a lot of blood here. After chasing a winding mountain road, there was a dense forest, and Zong Zhengluoyun looked at a cluster of shrubs and grass with sharp eyes. A long arm swept, a strong wind swept, a short Bush, and a corpse appeared. Chu Danmo immediately walked over, looking at the dead man, his pupils shrank. This man really looks like a ghost. He was stabbed to death with a sword. Yes. However, his face was as yellow as wax, his eyes were concave and convex, and the most terrible thing was his teeth. There were two extremely long teeth on the left and right sides, like a cruel wild. Beast, still with traces of blood, fingers into a claw shape. His feet were not shod, they were as rough as animal skins, Blue Bottle Serum ,30ml Dropper Bottle, and he was really a beast. This should be the person who escaped from Qinxian County. Chu Dan Mo concluded that his face became dignified, "Qinglan, these people may eat people." Because it may not be so simple. Feng Qinglan pursed her lips, and her dark eyes became deeper. While Feng Qinglan was meditating, Chu Dan Mo turned around and looked at the scattered blood, his eyes swept over, and he saw some dust on a few giant trees. "One by one, they were swept away, and then their eyes were fixed on one point, where the bushes and grass were swelling.". These bloodstains look messy, but in fact they have traces to follow. Someone should try to confuse people's tracking routes. The bloodstains have been following this path. Chu Dan Mo walked to a path, pointing to the road, "here the soil was trampled very heavy marks, obviously there is at least no one toward this." As he went away, he thought it was the group of murderers, with butterfly incense floating in the air, and the shopkeeper of Tianxianglou was among them. Chu Dan Mo said a change of subject. However, they were in a hurry to chase people, but they did not see that the grass on the roadside was also stained with blood. As soon as Chu Dan Mo's voice fell, she looked back at the bushes and grass along the bloodstains on the grass, and she raised her lips and turned her feet. Younger martial sister. As soon as Chu Danmo's footsteps moved, Zong Zhengluoyun stood in front of Chu Danmo, shook his head at her, and dodged away. A clap of the hand was split by the wind. "Elder Martial Brother, show mercy!" Feng Qinglan's eyes flashed a word inserted in the hilt of the sword on the corpse, and when he looked up, he saw Zong Zheng Luoyun making a move. Make a sound to stop. When Zong Zhengluoyun heard Feng Qinglan's urgent drink, he immediately stopped, but the strong inner strength was still not all withdrawn, and the grass flew across his palm. A woman with a bloody body appeared in the public's sight. She leaned against the tree trunk, fainted, and her clothes were a little broken. Chu Danmo's line of sight crossed Zong Zhengluoyun and saw the fainted woman. His eyes flashed with amazement: "How could it be her?" -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Who is she? O (? _ ?) O Haha ~ We'll find out tomorrow! Chapter 37: But for other reasons. Chu Danmo did not expect that she would meet Fu Yingchun here, and was scarred, covered with blood, so embarrassed Fu Yingchun. The same Chu Danmo also did not think that Fu Yingchun, who seemed to be physically weak, was also armed with martial arts. Zong Zhengluoyun stayed to deal with, Chu Danmo and Feng Qinglan continued to track, but halfway up the mountain, the clue was suddenly broken, even The smell of Diexiang was also broken, and those people seemed to have disappeared from the world. Chu Danmo and Feng Qinglan searched everywhere, but there was still no trace. Also at this point, thinking of Fu Yingchun body injury can not be, Zong Zheng Luoyun is a man after all, many inconvenience, so two people turned back. Chu Danmo not only brought back Fu Yingchun, but also brought back the man Fu Yingchun killed, because she found that this man was very unusual, as expected. Under the exploration, many doubts were found. Qinglan, I think the people who escaped from Qinxian County have become medicine people, and they are carrying a kind of poison, the symptoms and pestilence of this poison attack The most terrible thing is that anyone who has any physical contact with these people will be infected like a plague. Small building,30ml dropper bottle, Chu light ink After a thorough investigation of the body, he said to Feng Qinglan, who was waiting for the results. penghuangbottle.com