Duan Yunshan Wen Yan pointed at Ye Tao and laughed and scolded, "You boy, I guess you pulled me into the water, there is no such cheap thing. However, for the sake of money, there is no problem at all. These two days I gathered some top traders to plan this thing. You can rest assured that there will be no accident." "Thank you, Brother Shan." Ye Tao nodded with a smile and said, "When do you want money? Brother Shan, you can ask someone to find Huang Shao. At that time, I will give him the money." "All right." Duan Yunshan nodded and said, "Shadow, are you interested in going to Macao to have a look at the alliance of the strong and register it? This alliance of the strong is the so-called alliance of underground dark forces. Those Americans used to want to get an alliance called people, but people in most countries don't agree. It's called the alliance of the powerful directly. It's vulgar, but at least it's simple." "It's good to go and see." Ye Tao smiled, to tell the truth, to the underground dark forces, he really has a little curiosity, for their own safety, is really not too worried, one is the existence of Duan Yunshan this big family lineal personnel, one has many functions of the system. Then let's go. There is also a ship of my shipping company at Tsim Sha Tsui Pier. You can get on it. Duan Yunshan laughed. Ye Tao Wen Yan was shocked, he did not expect these big families in the hands, almost everywhere there are subordinates, it seems that he wants to achieve this step, or a relatively distant thing. Before going out, Duan Yunshan solemnly explained, "Shadow, don't blame brother Shan for talking too much. According to my idea,Portable gold trommel, when I go to Macao for testing, it's better to preserve my strength. Don't expose it all at once. It's really not possible. You can convert it into an older one, because some people just can't see other people well. Maybe." It will use inferior means, which has to be guarded against. "Brother Shan, I understand, thank you." Ye Tao said gratefully, in fact, he really did not know that Duan Yunshan wanted to keep secret, but Duan Yunshan said so is also true, there are many strong people in the world,Carbon in Pulp, see other people better than themselves, will really use some means. This is because Ye Taoming has reached the seventh floor of the day after tomorrow at the age of 33. In other people's minds, the chance to enter the congenital in the future will be at least above the ninth floor. If you can't get into your own camp, you might as well take the opportunity to destroy it, so as not to benefit others. After all, every congenital strong person is one in a million, not only has absolute strength, but also can affect some of the overall situation. After replying, Ye Tao covered his face and turned back. Then, when he put down his hand and turned around, his face suddenly changed into an ordinary man of about forty years old. Look at it, Duan Yunshan suddenly froze, his mouth was wide open, although Liu Kai had told him that Ye Tao's transfiguration was very fast, but in his mind, that is, Ye Tao's technique was fast or what camouflage Liu Kai did not see clearly, but where is this fast, it is simply God, coltan ore processing ,Portable gold trommel, back to the head and changed his appearance, even he did not see a flaw, this is to Yin people or something. It's absolutely amazing. Ye Tao looked at Duan Yunshan's appearance and said with a smile, "Brother Shan is not bad, is he?" Duan Yunshan suppressed the shock in his heart and said with a wry smile, "Where is this not bad? It's simply amazing. Brother, I said you wouldn't have learned Sichuan face-changing, would you?"? And what kind of transfiguration do you rely on? I don't see any flaws. "I can't say that, about the secret of the school." Ye Tao shrugged his shoulders. You have a lot of secrets. Duan Yunshan gave an angry white look and then said, "Do you have this kind of Hong Kong certificate?"? When we pass the customs, we have to check it. "Don't worry, brother Shan, there are hundreds of documents in my hand, which are absolutely more real than real." Ye Tao said confidently that if the certificate converted by the system was seen by others, it would be a big joke. All right, let's go. Duan Yunshan smiled, while Huang Shao and Liu Kai left separately after leaving the hotel. Liu Kai left naturally because he was just an ordinary person, while Huang Shao left because Ye Tao did not want Huang Shao to be exposed, and because Huang Shao was a biological person. From Hong Kong to Macao is usually by boat, the time is about an hour, can be said to be very convenient. After sitting on the boat, Ye Tao stood on the side of the boat, blowing the sea breeze, far away from the boundless sea, feeling a lot of things depressed in his heart, at this moment, it seems to have been alleviated. The latest and fastest chapter, please visit [Qishu. Net] www.qisuu.com. Reading is a kind of enjoyment. I suggest you collect it. Chapter 61 of the main text: Alliance of the strong. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: February 6, 2012 16:58:08 Words in this chapter: 6264 Staggering all the way, an hour later, Ye Tao boarded the port of Macao with Duan Yunshan, and Ye Tao naturally had a black backpack on his shoulder, which was to cover up his storage space, so as not to take out a slightly larger object from his body and arouse suspicion from others. As soon as he got off the harbor, a handsome young man about twenty-one or twenty-two years old ran over and said respectfully to Duan Yunshan, "Uncle." "Yes." Duan Yunshan nodded and introduced to Ye Tao in a low voice, "Shadow, this is my second brother's child, Duan Wen, who has eight layers of body refining. He came here to play when he was free." "Xiaowen, this is your uncle Ying, who will be on the third floor the day after tomorrow." Duan Yunshan said to the young man, he said the meaning of this, is to let Ye Tao only show the strength of the three layers of the day after tomorrow, after all, Ye Tao is still calling him Shan Ge, and, when he practices, but used a lot of resources at home, if Ye Tao's cultivation is almost the same as his, it will also arouse the suspicion of others, he has decided to keep this secret. Uncle Ying, good! The young man took one look at Ye Tao and respectfully shouted, the day after tomorrow, three layers, although in the family, is not a top master, but also a superior, after all, the general congenital master is rarely born,small gold wash plant, are living a semi-reclusive life, and to the day after tomorrow more than eight layers of characters, is busy breaking through congenital. ore-magnetic-mining.com