The chief planner is a person who has experienced great storms and waves. After a general understanding of the situation, he calmly said: "Close the comments!" "It's no use closing comments!"! This matter has been on the hot search, and fellow reporters have called to interview us! The staff looked helplessly at the chief planner. The chief planner knew that any excuse at this time would only make things worse, so he said to the staff: "Send a top message to the effect that please don't be easily paced, and all arguments will be answered after the program is broadcast!" "This.." The staff was somewhat reluctant, but eventually left with the tablet. After dealing with the online quarrel, the chief planner went to the dressing room in person and grabbed Su Ren, who was ready to leave, and said, "Stay for another half an hour and cooperate with us to record a live version!"! The matter is so big that it can only be calmed down by broadcasting the live version on the program. Su Ren agreed. The moment Wen Chan angrily left, he knew something would happen, and now the situation is just a little more intense than expected. …… After the recording, Su Ren returned to the hotel. I'm home When pushing the door, Su Ren said a sentence. The assistants who were helping Nangong Shaohua deal with the matter turned their heads and wanted him to be quiet, but Nangong Shaohua stretched out his hand before they made a sound and said, "You don't look very energetic. Have you been wronged?" "With you here, no one dares to give me a grievance." Su Ren deliberately squeezed out a stiff smile and said lazily,Serum Bottle With Dropper, "I'll take a bath first and wait for you to hurt me." You leprechaun! All I want to do is seduce people! Go on! Nangong Shaohua spoiled to say a sentence, watched Su Ren into the bedroom, then face changed, said to the assistant: "immediately use Su Ren's name on the Internet search!"! I want to know what happened! "Yes, boss." The assistant lowered his head and began to search nervously. Five minutes later, the assistant looked up and reported the conflict between Wencan and the program group to Nangong Shaohua, and sent the two videos that triggered a heated debate to Nangong Shaohua. Nangong Shaohua frowned after watching the video,Oil Dropper Bottle, sneered and said, "What does Wen can mean?"! Do you think your wings are hard enough to fly solo? "Miss Wen probably didn't know that Su Ren was your boss, so she was so direct." The assistant wiped the cold sweat and said. So you also think this thing is my instruction?! Nangong Shaohua's tone is slightly cold. Assistant did not dare to answer, thinking that people with a little brain would not believe that Su Ren could play such wonderful music, Wen Chan suspected that the program group received Su Ren's money to forcibly praise people is a normal thing! Nangong Shaohua once disdained Su Ren and regarded him as an actor's plaything. Since he realized his feelings, he hated others for disrespecting Su Ren and belittling him. Therefore, even though the assistant did not say anything, Nangong Shaohua still looked like iron: "Call my good brother and ask him to cut one third of Wencan's scenes in the TV series!" "Boss, in this way, when it's played." "Won't you make up the shot?" Nangong Shaohua said, "If he feels that reducing Wencan's role will make the plot fragmented and difficult to deal with, I will let him taste the taste of capital chain rupture first!" "But boss, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, Wencan is also an artist of Boran, she." She. She's.. The assistant is still dying. Nangong Shaohua gave a sneer and said, "If Boran can hold out one Wencan, naturally he can hold out the second and third Wencan!"! If Boran Film and Television can only hold out Wencan, a film queen with no vision, no quality and no taste, I will simply shut down Boran Film and Television and withdraw from the film and television circle! It's over! Boss, this is an old house on fire, and there is no cure! Unexpectedly, Nangong Shaohua's assistant, who had done this for Su Ren, shouted crazily in his heart. When Nangong Shaohua had finished explaining everything, he went into the bedroom to chat with Su Renqing. The assistants listened to the sound of intimacy coming from the bedroom intermittently, and all of them cursed in their hearts: "Su Ren, you fox spirit!"! …… …… Sexual happiness is sexual happiness, and work can not be delayed. Taking advantage of the intermission, Su Ren found out his mobile phone, logged on his social account, and found that there were tens of thousands of people Aite himself, the content of which was related to the piano audio recorded by the audience with their mobile phones. Su Ren then picked out the person with the most intense words and the largest number of likes, and wrote a forwarding message: Justice is in the hearts of the people. See you at 8:00 p.m. on May 7! As soon as the news was sent out, all the people exploded! Even core die-hard fans don't know why Su Ren said "justice is in the hearts of the people", but everyone knows that "May 7, 8 pm" is the broadcast time of the Star Challenge that Su Ren participated in! Su Ren is so calm and confident to reply to the vicious attack, which shows that he has a well-thought-out plan! People on the rational road began to suspect that they were being used, and appealed to everyone to calm down and not be set up. Su Ren's fans are all playing chicken blood, ready to wait for May 7 at 8 pm after the broadcast of "Star Challenge" and Wencan's fans to have a big reckoning, to see how they will be arrogant in the future! Wen Chan's fans did not move, they firmly believe in the goddess, believe that Su Ren is playing swollen face to pretend to be fat. As soon as Nangong Shaoying hung up the phone asking Nangong Shaohua to cut Wencan's part of the play, he got the latest update of Su Ren. He immediately frowned and said to Ji Anqi, "Su Ren, with the support of his eldest brother, doesn't know the depth of heaven and earth!" "He has probably reached a private agreement with the program group to make sure that people will be biased towards him after the program is broadcast, so he dares to speak like this." Ji Anqi said earnestly. Nangong Shaoying nodded and said, "This bitch hugged his eldest brother's leg, thinking that he could save twenty years of struggle!"! But water can carry a boat, but it can also capsize it. The Nangong family will praise him to the sky, and they can also trample him to the ground! "Shaoying, don't you want to." I forbid it! I forbid you to do anything dangerous! Ji Anqi showed a worried expression. When Nangong Shaoying saw that he cared so much about himself,cosmetic packaging wholesale, he suddenly felt hot in his heart and said, "Silly Anqi, how can I do something dangerous?"! I just told Dad about him and Big Brother and let Dad take care of his son! "The old man doesn't like people in the entertainment circle?" Ji Anqi looked at Nangong Shaoying uneasily.