Tu Bei looked at Wu Qiren at the top and said in puzzlement, "You have taken the South China Sea for nine days. The whole Hai Clan should not easily retaliate against you, because if the immortal emperor of the Hai Clan makes a move, it will certainly arouse the suspicion of the immortal emperors of other clans and trigger a war." Although the butcher is rough, but not stupid, the deep sea people want to break out Wu Qiren, it is not so easy, the sea people emperor's every move will certainly attract the attention of other people's masters. Wu Qiren shook his head and sighed, "You don't understand, but this is the best result for me." Naturally, it was impossible for him to speak out, and he did so to prevent Luo Jiuxiao from retaliating and killing him. Tu Defeat knows Wu Qiren to do so, should be to have his own idea, at the moment also no longer ask more. Wu Qiren glanced at the crowd and said, "Next, I hope the whole nine-day South China Sea will form an alliance and stop killing each other." Yan Sheng shook his head and sighed, "I don't want to kill any more." From the beginning of the nine-day struggle for the South China Sea, countless people died tragically among them. The once brilliant and lively Yan pulse has become somewhat cold at the moment. Su Lian also nodded, his eyes full of sadness. Thunder Xianjun stroked his beard and said, "We keep killing and cutting, and in the end we can only take advantage of others." Mo Tianyun said earnestly, "If we really form a strong alliance, even if the sorcery clan and the sea clan invade on a large scale, we have to weigh it." Chapter 2231 the most beautiful sunrise. Bai Ruxuan nodded his head, and a glimmer of splendor appeared in his beautiful eyes. He looked at Wu Qiren and said, "Now, we can elect a Lord of the South China Sea for nine days." Gongsun Ting also agreed: "Yes, it is the best result to elect a Lord of the South China Sea for nine days." As the Lord of the nine-day South China Sea,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, the strength must be overwhelming, almost needless to say, Wu Qiren basically does not need to question the existence, how can Gongsun Ting refuse? Yunqi Laozu took one look at Wu Qiren and took the lead in saying, "Wu Xiaoyou has profound strength and unparalleled talent. This leader of the alliance is the most suitable one." "I agree." "I also agree." ....... All the people present nodded and thought that Wu Qiren's election as the leader of the alliance was the best choice. Thank you for your love. Wu Qiren stood up and folded his fists. "I can't be the leader of the alliance," he said. When Tu Bai heard Wu Qiren's words, he suddenly became anxious: "If you are not the leader of the alliance, who will be?" Not only is the slaughter defeated, but everyone is a little anxious. I really have some difficulties. Wu Qiren shook his head slightly and said, "Now the overall situation of the nine-day South China Sea has been decided. The war between the Eastern Fairy Court and the Southern Fairy Court has just ended, and the Prince of the Sea Clan has been killed by me. So this period of time is the most stable time." Bai Ruxuan opened his lips lightly and said, "Are you serious?" Wu Qiren laughed and said, "Nothing is more serious than now." Seeing Wu Qiren like this, Thunder Xianjun felt a slight shock in his heart, as if he had thought of something. Yunqi Laozu glanced at the crowd and said, Theobromine Powder ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, "Wu Xiaoyou doesn't want to be the leader of the alliance, so who will come?"? First of all, I would like to say that my time is coming and I will die soon. I am not interested in the leader of the alliance. I only hope that the orthodoxy of Zhongtian Gate can be preserved intact. Thunder Xianjun took one look at Tu Bei and said, "I think it's better to let Tu Bei Xiaoyou take the responsibility." "Me?" With his eyes wide open, Tu pointed to himself and said with a smile, "Are you kidding me?" His strength is not outstanding, and his qualifications are very shallow, the most important thing is that he knows that he is not the material at all. When Wu Qiren heard the words of Thunder Xianjun, he immediately knew the meaning of Thunder Xianjun. This is obviously just to sell him a face. "I think so," said Gongsun Ting, nodding his approval. Tu defeat and Wu Qiren's relationship, the whole nine days of the South China Sea know, if Tu defeat sat on the position of the leader of the alliance, for the fire sword faction is also good. "I don't have any opinion," said Chien Ling. "I can't be the leader of this alliance," said Tu Bei hurriedly. Yan Sheng laughed and said, "It doesn't matter. Just give us some complicated things. You mainly occupy a name." Although Wu Qiren can not become the leader of the nine-day South China Sea alliance, let Yan Sheng really some disappointment, after all, a Wu Qiren's strength, but a strong guarantee, to ensure the fear of witches and the sea clan, but Tu Defeated elected leader is also good. Yan Sheng does not believe that if Tu Defeat encounters a crisis, Wu Qiren will not make a move? Wu Qiren smiled faintly and said, "Since everyone says so, you can do it." "All right." When Tu heard Wu Qiren's words, he finally nodded helplessly, looked at the crowd, and said, "I'll say it first. For those winding things, you can handle them by yourself. I don't care." When they heard Tu's words, they all smiled. Then they discussed some matters about forming an alliance before leaving in a hurry. Wu Qiren was walking towards his residence when a clear voice came from behind him. Wu Qiren turned his head and saw Su Lian looking at him with a smile under the tree. At that time, thank you for saving me. "Su Lian looked at Wu Qiren's eyes, but the storm was surging in his heart." It's all little things. Wu Qiren smiled and said, "As long as you are no longer wary of my human identity." Su Lian hurriedly shook his head and said, "No." Now she is much more mature than at that time, only three years, she felt that she had experienced a lot of things in general, she felt like she was reborn. Su Lian asked, "What are you going to do now that you are out of the Fire Sword Sect?" "Let's find a place to retreat for a while," said Wu Qiren. Su Lian plucked up his courage and said, "Are you coming to the parade?"? My cruisers are also sea people, and I am not afraid of the deep sea. Wu Qiren shook his head and refused: "No, it will be very troublesome, and it will bring you a lot of trouble." "Okay, I got it." Hearing Wu Qiren's decisive refusal,D BHB Factory, Su Lian nodded with some disappointment. Wu Qiren smiled and said with relief, "Now there are a lot of casualties among the masters of the three Yufeng clans, and you have become the new sea king. You should develop the three Yufeng clans well. Maybe they will be carried forward in your hands.". pioneer-biotech.com