Therefore, he would draw out a wisp of primordial spirit and Fen Shen breeder at the beginning, with this wisp of primordial spirit and Fen Shen, no matter what he did, he could guarantee that he would not disappear. But the more reason is that with this doppelganger, he can completely control the son who is not very obedient. If this son really still has a father-son relationship in his heart, then this doppelganger is his protection, but in case. He has other plans, so this doppelganger is the easiest way to end all his plans. Destroy the doppelganger with the primordial spirit, no matter how far he practices, he will be so weak that he can only wait for death in an instant. The God of mountains and seas smiled leisurely. I am well prepared, so why can't I win? Why can't I win the world that should belong to him. The birthday of the God of mountains and seas is the most anticipated moment for everyone in the Dark Sea, because this month of his birthday, he does not kill, that is to say, this month, the disciples in the Dark Sea do not have to enter the cave once a month to kill each other. For them, this is undoubtedly the best thing, so these people are really looking forward to the arrival of the birthday month of the God of Mountains and Seas every year, and on the birthday day, the Black Devil Sea will hold a grand banquet,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, food and dance music, so that everyone can enjoy an absolute feast. For those who don't know how long they will live, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity to enjoy themselves. Mo Xiaoye also heard about the birthday of the God of mountains and seas. When she heard about it, she was different from other people's happiness. She gnashed her teeth and thought that her family was destroyed by this tyrannical God. Now, she is still struggling to survive at the bottom and wants to be strong, while the murderer is celebrating his birthday. The unfairness in this world sometimes really makes people full of hatred but helpless. But when she learned that Qin Xiao was going to take her into the inner hall of the birthday banquet of the God of mountains and seas, she became full of consternation. The banquet can be understood, but the disciples of the Dark Devil Sea are only qualified to sit in the square of the outer hall,pallet rack shelving, even the side hall can not enter, let alone the inner hall. But Qin Xiao was invited to attend the birthday party of the God of mountains and seas in the inner hall. Mo Xiaoye wanted to ask Qin Xiao if he had anything to do with the mountain and sea God, but he thought he had already asked, Qin Xiao also made it clear that he had nothing to do with the mountain and sea God, then she asked again, not to believe his words. Perhaps it was because Qin Xiao had completed the task assigned by the God of Mountains and Seas this time that he was rewarded. Think of here, Mo Xiaoye is some identified, should be this reason. Qin Xiao led the hand from the outside square to the inner hall, because of the large number of people in the Black Sea, the square was also filled with banquets, most of which were disciples of the Black Sea, and Mo Xiaoye was led by Qin Xiao from these disciples. She saw Si Ling, as well as the ripples sitting with Si Ling, and Mo Xiaoye pursed his lips and nodded as if nothing had happened. See Mo Xiaoye nod, Si Ling originally tight heart suddenly relaxed. He thought that Mo Xiaoye would regard him as an enemy. The last thing, industrial racking systems ,teardrop pallet racking, he was very regretful, after learning that Qin Xiao in order to save Mo Xiaoye from the hands of bamboo and stone, made a deal with the God of mountains and seas, to complete a very difficult task, he was even more regretful. Because he felt that Mo Xiaoye's original choice was actually right, and Qin Xiao was indeed much better than him. When he knew that Mo Xiaoye and Qin Xiao were on a mission together, he doubted whether they could come back. Because, everyone knows, the task is very dangerous, and everyone knows more, Qin Xiao took Mo Xiaoye, just to protect, Mo Xiaoye to Qin Xiao, simply can not play any role in helping, or even can be said to be a drag. But they came back. Looking at the two people passing by, Si Ling's expression was somewhat complicated. He could see that the little fox demon had changed. Although the last time has changed, from timidity to perseverance, but this time, it seems that something has changed. The breath on her body seems to have begun to stabilize, become more calm, calm. Seeing Si Ling's line of sight, Ripple's eyes flashed a cold light. He pulled Si Ling's sleeve and whispered, "Don't look, Elder Martial Brother. Although that Qin Xiao doesn't know how to get the Lord's favor, you have to make it clear that he has offended the young Lord.." Son and subordinate, who do you think the Lord will prefer? Si Ling withdrew his line of sight, but did not make a sound. Mo Xiaoye was led into the inner hall by Qin Xiao, and was followed by a group of people. The inner hall is full of the confidants of the gods of mountains and seas, most of whom do not know the identity of Qin Xiao, only when Qin Xiao is a more powerful disciple favored by the Lord. And until the inside story of that very few people, but also dare not put any emotion on the face, so, Qin Xiao with Mo Xiaoye went in, suddenly became the focus of the hall. Mo Xiaoye was still a little perturbed, but when Qin Xiao led her directly to a small table in the last corner of the hall and sat down, she was relieved. In their capacity, it seems that they should be sitting here. Perhaps she really thought too much, the God of mountains and seas just valued Qin Xiao. Thinking that she would soon see her enemies all over the house, Mo Xiaoye put his hands on his side and held them, fearing that he would make a foolish move that would only kill himself. As soon as she clenched her hands, she felt her hands being held gently by Qin Xiao. She was stunned and turned her head to see Qin Xiao's soft and firm eyes. Don't be nervous, don't be afraid, don't be impatient.. We will always get revenge! Gentle voice is no longer a venomous taunt, Mo Xiaoye almost instantly his gentle voice comfort, as if the heart has been floating in the air finally has a place to rest, she looked at Qin Xiao, slowly nodded: "good." He said, don't be afraid.. He said,push back racking system, we will always get revenge. He's talking about us.. Mo Xiaoye quietly and Qin Xiao looked at each other, never a moment, she felt a person so dazzling.