Unwilling, chagrin makes her several desire to be mad, unconsciously, that water pink pupil eyes can not help but cover with a layer of blood light. Looking at their constant outflow of blood, it is their own blood, ah, is constantly losing, the heart of the flame suddenly ignited the intention to kill the blood. Defeat him and let him pay the price of blood. There was only one thought that suddenly slipped through the flame's mind. Suddenly, the eyes full of killing spirit stared at Ricky, and her body slowly propped up. Suddenly, her body was like an arrow from the bow, shooting at Ricky. Bang! The two weapons collided, and the flame spread out the nine refinements of thunder. The body, like a phantom, flashed behind Ricky, while the shadow of the body remained in place. Ricky brandished his knife at the'flame 'in front of him, but the knife was as empty as a stab in the air. Then, the'flame' in front of him suddenly disappeared, and his knife remained in the state of stabbing. "No, it's a phantom!" Ricky suddenly came to his senses. However, as his last word "shadow" fell, Ricky's whole body stiffened in an instant, and his hand holding the knife loosened unconsciously. With a bang, the long knife fell to the ground. Then he rolled his eyes and fell to the ground. This series of movements, only in the blink of an eye, was so fast that even Crodio,sonicator homogenizer, the respected warrior, could not react. And tomorrow, when people came, they saw the flames covered with blood, and Ricky who suddenly fell to the ground. A group of people suddenly froze. Tomorrow, he took the lead in reacting and rushed forward to hold the flame's blood-soaked body. How did this happen? Flame, how are you? Tomorrow's handsome face flashed a touch of pain, "I'm sorry, I'm late, flame,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, you endure, I'll help you with the medicine." "I'm fine." The flame smiled. "I was careless." "Stop talking and I'll give you the medicine." "Ricky!" Suddenly, Corodio cried out in pain and stepped forward to pick up Ricky's body. The old man's face was full of evil, and his evil eyes shot at the flames. The flame turned back and collided with Crodio's eyes without a car. Old man, hand over the fruit of the bad news. "If you are so arrogant when you are dying, I will kill you today to avenge my grandson." Crodio snapped. No one noticed that a green crystal hidden in Ricky's clothes was emitting a hazy light, and the whole process of the fight was shown in the crystal, like a live movie. Somewhere in the Muhan Empire, the same green crystal was showing the same scene, and the crystal was watched by an old man who looked very similar to Crodio and another red-haired young man. They stared in disbelief at the dead Ricky and the flame, muttering to themselves, "No, it's impossible, Ricky's not dead, it's impossible.." Bodun looked at the flames, his eyes were full of nervousness and worry, and his little hands were sweating unconsciously. Seeing this, Yasang could not help but feel a headache. "Young master, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, I don't think you should get too close to Miss Flame. We don't know Miss Flame's background. Young master, you are a noble man. You can't make a mistake." "General Yasang, you don't have to say, this temple just likes the flame beauty, this temple also wants to marry her to be the prince and concubine, protect her, don't let anyone hurt her." Bodun pursed his lips firmly and said, "General Asan, you go to kill that old guy and avenge the flame beauty.". In that case, you say that the flame beauty will not be grateful to this temple, and then, with the body. "Ahem, young master, you are only six years old this year." Asan pulled out the corner of his lips and made a sound to remind him. Six years old. Why? When I was sixteen years old, I would never dislike the old flame beauty! Bo Dunhun didn't care, and his eyes were still looking at the flames. Don Corodio, I think this is a misunderstanding. Yassan stepped forward and looked at Corodio. Humph, misunderstanding? Lord Assan, are you Claydermans in charge of this? Corodio sneered. This Yassan Yizhi. In fact, he and they just met by chance, not to the point of offending the Blaine family for her. The fifteenth chapter of Thor, the combination of magic and martial arts. "Well, is the Blaine family great?" Tomorrow suddenly looked up and shot a sharp line of sight at Corodio. Corodio's face changed. "Are you a glorious emperor?" Tomorrow does not answer, hook lips sneer at. "How are you, sister?" Then Xiao Meng came over. Seeing Xiao Meng, Corodio's pupils shrank and his old face flashed a different color. Sure enough, he saw his one eye curled up on the ground, his body trembling, his face without a trace of blood, one eye staring ahead with fear, muttering to himself, not knowing what to say, and he was in some kind of fear. What, what's going on? Corodio squealed. Hey, old man, would you like to try it? Small dream Hei Hei a smile, tender little face reveals a touch of senran. Claudio's face changed, and he would have turned and run if he hadn't wanted to lose the face of the Blaine family in front of Asan. After a struggle in his heart, he suddenly shook his whole body and stared angrily at tomorrow. "Yellow mouth, I don't care about you today. You'd better leave this business alone." "Busywork?"? Hum, the flame is my friend, how can this be called meddling? Tomorrow squinted his eyes, handed the flame to Xiao Meng, grasped the silver gun, and confronted Corodio. No, tomorrow. The flame got up and stopped in front of tomorrow. It was very pale because of blood loss, but the eyes were very sharp. Tomorrow, don't worry about it. I don't care about him yet. Flame Road. What? Hearing this, everyone was surprised. What big talk? You are so hurt that you can hardly stand up. How dare you say such big words? Say, say you are not injured, with the strength of your big war division, how'not to put a respected war division in the eye '? The thought flashed through everyone's mind almost at the same time. However, no matter what others think, at this time, her mind flashed, and then, under the shocked gaze of the crowd, she put away the black knife in her hand,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and then appeared in her hand, but it was a silver-gray staff! Staff! What does that mean? The magician's special instrument, can it be said that she is a magic? Everyone was stunned when they realized the problem. The air was eerily quiet for a moment. fycgsonic.com