You are by her side, aren't you? You can't let go of their mother and son. Even though you will be engaged to me soon, your heart is still on her side. I saw you throw my picture in the warehouse of your company. I saw the magazine on your desk. You tore up the page of our engagement news. I saw that the minutes of your meeting were full of Ruan Manjun's name. I saw that the wedding ring on your ring finger was not lost by me, but you found it and put it on again. Chapter 7: Have you ever dreamed of me like this, as sad as I dreamed of you (5) I quickly typed three words: I love you, reply to her. He sleeps so well that only when he is asleep, he will not be hard. I looked at his face and smiled, fool, what to cry? Love is to see each other happy, love is not to add confusion, love is icing on the cake. In my card, he remitted me three million yuan. I took out the bank card from under my pillow and quietly put it in his wallet. On the inside of his wallet, there was a photo taken by the three of us in the photo studio in the small fishing village. We were sitting on the sofa with Li Hui in our arms. Li Hui smiled and showed a small mouth without a tooth. I covered my mouth and let myself cry silently. Heartthrob, Ruan Manjun, you are self-inflicted, but Zhuo Yao, will someone love you more than I do? I just want to make you safe and smooth, I have no ability to help you, if my departure and concession can be exchanged for Tong's harmony and good fortune from top to bottom, old and young,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, it is worth it. The next morning, I accompanied him to breakfast, kept heating milk in his cup, watched him eat my breakfast, and he turned his face sideways and pretended to kiss me casually. He let Li Hui ride on his shoulders, or he lay on the floor and let Li Hui sit on his back. He was an ordinary man and father. I stood beside him and laughed. Li Hui was very happy. His teething mouth would drool when he smiled and got on Zhuo Yao's suit. I thought, ah,Iron Nail Making Machine, his suit is full of my tears, Li Hui's saliva. When he returns to the company, he will still sit in the conference room for a meeting. Only I am so close to his heart. Little comic book, do you want to go to the amusement park. yuan Zhengming invested in an amusement park. I'll take you and Li back. It's very suitable for very young children to go there, because there are no exciting projects. Let's go together. He put Li Hui on his shoulder, and Li Hui's little hands scratched his hair. I looked at Ah Chun, who was clearing the table and said, "Madam, you can take the baby out for a walk. The weather is so good that you can play outside. You can go. I'll cook dinner for you at home and wait for you to come back." Chun is happier than taking her out to play. I nodded, holding Li Hui's little hand and said, "Baby, will mom and dad take you to the playground?" He called yuan Zhengming to arrange it. I packed some food for Li Hui and put my belongings in my bag. Yes, I also had a camera and a lipstick. I changed into a light printed skirt and put on a thin overcoat. The sunshine was just right, like spring, Automatic nail machine ,Nail machine supplier, which washed away the cold of the previous few days. yuan Zhengming will arrange it. We'll go there directly. Have you brought everything? He asked. I said, "All together, let's go." He looked at me, nodded and said, "It's beautiful, but will it be cold?" "It won't be cold. Even if it is cold, isn't it the three million you gave me? I can buy a mink coat for thousands of dollars by credit card and wrap me up like a rich lady." I tease. Little fool, just use it. He put his arms around me and blinked his left eye with a heroic spirit. yuan Zhengming's amusement park is located in the suburbs. It is the amusement park that was advertised in the newspapers some time ago. The theme is aimed at infants between the ages of one and eight. I had planned to bring Li back here, but I didn't expect Zhuo Yao would bring us here. After parking the car, Zhuo Yao and I each held a hand of Xiao Li Hui. Li Hui was a toddler. The family of three walked together. The security guards near the parking lot stared at us, and people kept casting envious eyes. Just walking into the casino, you can hardly see a tourist except for the cute cartoon dolls and the staff. Xiao Li Hui saw the joy of the cartoon doll, waving his hands and jumping his feet. Fortunately, Zhuo Yao and I were holding him, otherwise the little guy would fall down excitedly. "The advertising was very good a while ago. Why is the business so bad?" I asked curiously. Zhuo Yao looked around and said with satisfaction, "The venue will be cleared today, and I will book the venue." I didn't say anything. Maybe he did it to protect me and Li Hui. In fact, what I want is not to clear the whole restaurant wherever I go to eat with him, and to book the venue wherever I go to play. What I want is that we are like ordinary couples, laughing in the crowd. Do not want to be disappointed, perhaps, such an opportunity will not have in the future, very rare, it is better to have a good time. Children's songs are played on the radio in the amusement park, which reminds me of many childhood memories. When I was a child, I listened to children's songs on a fishing boat with a dilapidated Yanwu radio. That was all my childhood amusement. My parents died one after another when I was young. Now, I have my own children. The cruelty of life lies in the fact that it is only once and short. The preciousness of life is the continuity of life. Li Hui not only continues the life of Zhuo Yao and me, but also our love. Children and grandchildren, I think in this sense, Zhuo Yao and I will never be separated forever, and our blood is linked to another life carrier. In the sunshine, the skirt was raised, which also made me feel relieved about the text message I sent last night. Destined to be lost, I hope that the most painful person is me, for this lost love to bear all the regret, hate, is me. Zhuo Yao sat on the merry-go-round with Li Hui in his arms. The glittering merry-go-round rose and fell in the children's song, rotating back and forth. I held my hands in my arms and looked at their father and son, Zhuo Yao's smiling face and Li Hui's smiling face. I raised my camera and took pictures of them. From the camera, I saw such a happy scene. My beloved man, my beloved son, they waved their hands at me together, and they all loved me. I do not live up to expectations to shed tears, with the camera to cover the face, SLR is good,Nail machine manufacturer, can cover the face to wipe tears. Taking pictures of his side face and dark hair, I hid behind the camera and cried. From then on, I am still the tough Ruan Manjun.