Active since 2012, Coinbase wallet comes under the ownership of a popular and one of the oldest crypto exchanges available in the market, Coinbase. As we all know, Coinbase is a highly trustworthy exchange, therefore there is no doubt that its off-springs would also come with the same level of safety and security as Coinbase.

But, there is this one thing that separates the two exchanges from one another i.e. the fact that Coinbase comes with basic trading features while Coinbase wallet comes with plenty of advanced-level trading facilities. That's not all, you'll get some exciting rewards and benefits that may not be available with other exchanges. So, we are presenting to you a comprehensive guide on Coinbase wallet login, a sign-up tutorial, and so much more.

But, before that, we'd like you to hop on to learn a few pros and cons of this trading platform.

Having a look at the pros and cons of the Coinbase wallet

By having a glance at the positives and negatives of this exchange, you will have a clear understanding of whether you should go ahead with setting up an account on this exchange or not:

The Pros:

Even if you involve yourself in high-volume trading, you will not be charged a high fee for the sameIf you have been into this kind of trading for a long now, then this platform has got some interactive trading facilities for youThose users who wish to make instant transactions through their Coinbase wallet login accounts can do so by depositing cashWhen it comes to security, nothing could beat the security that is offered at this cryptocurrency exchange

The Cons:

Beginners may not find it handy to useIn some locations, you may not be able to do more than just crypto-to-crypto tradingThose who want to get any kind of support from their team may have to wait for a longer timeIs Coinbase wallet safe?

Well, the safety and security of our funds is something that we always look forward to. And, in terms of cryptocurrency, this feature is a must-have. So, those who are really concerned about the safety of their funds need to have a look at the following points:

They do not store the funds of the users in online storage minimizing the risks of hackingIf you have deposited USD of up to $250,000 then your funds would be insured by FDICTo secure your accounts, you can also enable two-factor authentication for the Coinbase wallet loginThe AES-256 encryption feature is used to provide security to your private keys and walletsA quick tour of the Coinbase wallet login procedure

As soon as you set up an account on the Coinbase wallet exchange, you will be allowed to sign in to your account and start trading. To do so, you can also use your Coinbase login ID details or use the newly created details:

Open the websiteClick on the "Sign In" button present next to the "get started" buttonThe Coinbase wallet login password and the email address should be filled in the respective spacesBy clicking on the "SIGN IN" button you will be able to access your accountConclusion:

The comprehensive discussion made above would help you in achieving your goals for getting started with and using the Coinbase wallet exchange. For making use of the advanced-level trading features, this platform is considered the best as it allows you to trade a variety of assets and it is an insurance-backed exchange.