So after everyone was surprised, there was no other idea, just a surprise. In short, Wen Qin this week in the end what special training, these special training will produce what kind of effect, or wait until the appearance of Wen Qin at a glance. After thinking so, everyone looked at the next performance calmly. The labyrinth map is not circular, and the walls are uneven. Some places are higher to block the realization, and some places are lower to see the situation on the other side of the wall. The sword demon on the way home is 1:1, so the biggest point of view for both sides is that if they observe each other's situation, they will not expose themselves. The coordinate point is not set at the center of the maze, and even if the two sides reach the center, there are many routes. Just when everyone was hesitating to observe, they saw Lin Ruojing draw a few lines. As soon as Lin Ruojing's line was drawn, Liao Qingming, as a tactic, opened his mouth directly. "This map is not suitable for team activities, and the territory is relatively small.". If we move together, because of the blocking effect of skills, it is likely that the players standing behind will not be able to play their own strength. In this case, everyone will still choose to gather on separate lines. Once the line is divided, there are many possibilities in the middle. They are all professional players, and what Liao Qingming said explains a lot. With Liao Qingming's words, everyone saw that Chen Cheng soon got on the horse directly, and then several compulsory skills crossed the wall. This move is not far from the blade of the dead. So the dead man's blade must have heard a voice. Map [so handsome]: Ouch. What do you think? Lin Ruojing did not respond, and soon after,turmeric extract powder, Prince Zhou Di changed positions with Prince Jie at the fork in the road. And Lin Ruojing also climbed over the wall to the other side. Liu Ying chose to follow Lin Ruojing to act together. Is this a double harvest? "Hard to say." The professional player soon made a sound. Wen Qin's Jia Dian Lin Ruojing did not know. But since Wen Qin is not there, then the blade of the dead must be the same as most of the time, that is, Wei Sa as a special attack team, and Shi Zhi with Li yuanhui as the backbone. Li Chen is with the treatment. As an adjunctive therapy. If you want to split the team. Then therapy and assistance will have to be separated, because no one will know who they will meet. So who will be with the treatment? No doubt about it. It's Weisar. So At this time, according to the terrain, everyone saw the position of Wang Zijie and Zhou Di in Lin Ruojing's team this time. Directly in the direction of Li Chen and Wei Sa. Chen Cheng's eyes, Lin Ruojing and Liu Ying, who had climbed over the wall ahead of time, went to Li yuanhui and Fan Xu. In terms of tactics. There is still a gap in the blade of the dead. Su Duxiu sighed. This is really a short board that can't be helped. This season, the blade of the dead seems to be strong when it is strong. The reason why I say this is because I met a team with a relatively low level of strength. The direct situation is through technical rolling. So it seems that sometimes it's a little dangerous. And when it comes to strong teams, this "risk" is even more obvious. But obviously, because it's a strong team, fenugreek saponins ,lycopene for skin, every team will study a lot. The Blade of the Dead is no exception. Compared with other weak teams, there are more rules to follow. Wen Qin's so-called tactics are not so much tactics as on-the-spot analysis of the psychology and habits of the other side's command. Although it seems that there is no difference, in fact, it is totally different. The real tactics should be based on the other side's mental points, the other side's personnel arrangements, the performance of each other's members, and to analyze each other's movements. In other words, formulate a way to restrain the other side's attack. For example, Lin Ruojing is like this now. Because the psychology and habits you have analyzed are useful to a certain extent, but they are fixed to a certain extent. So when meeting a strong team, Wen Qin can win because he knows enough about it. But the wrath of the headwind is not warm enough to understand. Whether it is Lin Ruojing or the team of the wrath of the wind. Wen Qin or the blade of the dead, there is still a long way to go. After winning this game, the most important thing is to let other teams know more about the blade of the dead. Sure enough, with such a situation, soon, people saw Chen orange has been around to the back of Fan Xu. On the other side, Li yuanhui and Fan Xu will enter the front of Lin Ruojing and Liu Ying, who have already waited. Will it be a little reluctant? Si Cheng thought for a moment and then opened his mouth, "Lin Ruojing's technique." Lin Ruojing is a professional burial sword, but his specialty is tactics. If we talk about the technique alone, I'm afraid it's the worst among professional players. But is about to face is Li yuanhui and Fan Xu. Although both of them are newcomers, they must be the backbone of the newcomers in terms of strength. Li yuanhui, in particular, is definitely quite stable, although he is still not up to the first-class level. Just wait for the technique to be more mature. To put it simply, Chen Cheng is technically on a par with the other two. And Lin Ruojing is much worse. A little. Liu Jianshi answered, then opened his mouth, "and Li yuanhui is still an assistant." With support is basically equal to the attack bonus is very terrible, but also can give up part of the energy distraction, the right to attack. But in this terrain, not necessarily. Liao Qingming opened his mouth, "if it's Shenyuan." As soon as Liao Qingming's voice fell, he saw Chen Cheng's gaze go directly to the left and appear directly behind Li yuanhui. Li yuanhui, as the best of the newcomers, of course, the reaction will not be slow, and the direct reflexion is a thunderbolt. And Chen Cheng in everyone's line of sight, do not hide, opened a hard to eat, then directly a charge will be Li yuanhui in the current, and the next second, Lin Ruojing and Liu Ying appeared. So Lin Ruojing, as the close combat mental method of the burial sword,ghana seed extract, directly stuck to Fan Xu. Hit like this!? Bai Zihao was a little surprised. Li yuanhui and Fan Xu are both long-distance, a Yin and Yang, a long song. They are both crispy professions.