Yi Mu whispered, "It's broken!"! Martial Uncle Bian told us not to cause trouble. What can we do? "We won't beat him," said the third fire coldly. With a snort, he said, "Can't we drink tea in the tea garden?" Then she pointed to the old woman on the ground and said, "This woman shouldn't have hit her first. We didn't hit her either. We were saving her!" The old man in soap clothes was so angry that his face showed a fierce light. He came over quickly and shouted, "Bastard boy, you molest women, enter people's houses privately, and even quibble. How can you let you go so cheaply today?" Then he turned around and shouted, "Qian Qi, call out the masters in the garden and close the gate!"! Today I want them to know the severity of my beard tumor! Qian Qi promised and ran away quickly. Hu Liuzi smiled and said, "You two didn't ask about the origin of Hu Jiushi, but you bullied him to my door. You really have no eyes!" Afraid of causing trouble, Yimusheng stepped forward and said, "Hu, today.." We don't want to fight! Hu Jiushi gave a sneer and said, "I can't even fight if I don't want to!" "We want tea," said Yimu. Hu Jiushi was so angry that he said angrily, "Is this a place for drinking tea?"? Are you blind? Can't you see such a big word? Holding back a breath of anger in his heart, Yimu bent down and nodded and said, "If you scold us, we won't answer back. Right? Fire C, let's go and drink tea! "Let them off this time, and next time we'll give them a kick in the pants!" The third fire sneered. Then he pulled Yimu and strode out of the door. Seeing this,plastic pallet crates, Hu Yanzi was so angry that his voice trembled and he cried out, "Back.." Come here The two of them turned around, and their pale faces looked like a pair of impermanence. "Tumor," said the third man with a sneer, "do you still want to cause trouble?" By this time, Hu Liuzi had already taken off his long gown, revealing his gray cloth tights. He shouted, "I tell you, I am the owner of this tea garden. I am nicknamed Tiemao Hu Jiushi. You two have eyes but don't know Mount Tai. You beat my sister-in-law and molested my sister.." At this point,plastic pallet manufacturer, Yimu straightened his eyes and said, "Sister?"? Is that girl your sister? "Why not?" Asked Hu Jiushi. Yi Mu shook his head and sighed, "Strange.." How strange! The veins on Hu Jiushi's head were jumping. "What's so strange?" He asked with his round eyes wide open. Yi Mu smiled coldly and said, "Of course it's strange.." You are so ugly, your sister is so beautiful. Oh! I see, you're probably not.. A son of a bitch, right? Hu Jiushi was so angry that he gave a loud cry and said, "I'll split you alive!" Said a jump body, has been to the second wood body, shaking palm according to the second wood chest hit! As soon as Yimu turned around, his long clothes fluttered aside. Hu Jiushi made an empty move. For the second time, he jumped over the second piece of wood and said angrily, "Where are you going?" Said a punch straight to the second wood waist eye. See the second wood concave abdomen chest, backward suddenly a suction, Hu Jiushi this punch is short of an inch Xu did not hit. Hu Jiushi was startled and quickly drew back his arm, but he was caught firmly by Yimu's thin hand like a bird's claw. Tiemao Hu Jiushi struggled outward, but did not break away, plastic pallet suppliers ,secondary containment pallet, as if he had added a steel hoop to his hand. What surprised him even more was that the other side's hand, like a bird's claw, was even colder than ice. Hu Jiushi couldn't help shivering. He wanted to turn his hand over, but he couldn't move it anyway. He was so frightened that he said, "You're human.." Is it a ghost? The second wood originally wanted to give him a fierce, but suddenly thought of the side thin Tong's admonition, not by dazed way: I don't.. Hit you! Then he loosened his hand. Hu Jiushi staggered and stopped, but his face was livid with surprise. At that moment, the voices outside the door were boiling. Qian Qi hurried in and said, "Ninth Master!"! They're all here! As he spoke, six or seven men swarmed out behind him, one by one like wolves and tigers, some with iron rulers, some with wooden sticks, all stripped to the waist. As soon as Hu Jiushi saw the masters coming, he suddenly became bold again. He pointed at the two men bitterly and said, "It was these two men who beat me so hard that I was responsible for killing them!" Qian Qi turned around and closed the door, and immediately three men rushed up! The first one had black hair on his chest, and his surname was Kong Shan, who was known as the hairy tiger. Behind him were two men, one named Sun Erhuo, who swept the hall's legs, and the other named Huang Wanshan, an old mantis. These three men, all hired hatchet men in the tea garden, eat free food all day long, and rarely show their skills. At this time a listen to hit back, naturally will not miss the opportunity! "Boss, get out of the way and let me clean up these two sons of a bitch," said Kong Shan, a hairy tiger, with a Sichuan accent. As he spoke, he rushed forward with an arrow, holding a stick in his right hand and "sweeping a thousand troops" in a style, sweeping straight at the waist of the fire. The third man raised his arm to strike, only to hear a "click" sound, and the stick was folded into two from the middle. Kong Shan was so frightened that he took a step back. His face turned pale. "Son of a bitch," he said, "I have the ability to practice horizontally. I'll pound your acupoint!" With these words, he rushed up and hit the two waist points of the third fire with both hands. "Go away," said the third fire angrily. Following the oncoming force of the hairy tiger, he took advantage of his strength to send it out, and the huge body of the hairy tiger Kongshan fell out with a "splash" like a ball. Immediately, there was a chaotic scene in front of us. When the hairy tiger hole mountain stick hit the third fire, the old mantis and the sweeping hall legs also rushed to the second wood one left and one right. But the fate of the two of them, almost like the hairy tiger, did not even touch the body of the second wood, has been turned out. As a result, all the thugs shouted, and the knives, axes, and sticks hit the two men together. Yimu and Binghuo have developed a peculiar stunt since they were young under the door of the old man of the glacier. How can these embroidered legs be close to the two of them? There was only the sound of screams, and the men were thrown out one after another like rolling balls. All of a sudden, the group of people were beaten black and blue. Seeing this,plastic pallet manufacturer, Hu Jiushi, the shopkeeper, stamped his feet repeatedly and was dejected. binpallet.com