But a message appeared on the character's information bar, which only they could see, to make them make a decision. Otaku: Human (incubation period of source of infection) About a minute after those needles hit them, all five of them had this line on their message strips, and the follow-up plan was made on this basis. With fearlessness, or trust in the strength of their own personnel, five people began their journey to the Institute with numerous uncertainties. Several people were separated after being brought into the Institute. As a new type of experiment, basic food and water guards will still be sent to them regularly. The only uncertainty now is the length of the incubation period, and the place where the house is held is a modest white room, which should be a cage transformed from a laboratory. Instead of the iron fence design of the traditional cage, the room in the house has two floors, with a glass wall in the middle, which is usually white, so that the house can not see the outside situation. Each time the guards first enter the first floor space, and then put the food into a square box. The box is embedded in the wall and moves in parallel to reach the space where the house is detained. During the whole process of food handover, the house has no chance to contact the outside world. Even in the experiment, it is also the highest specification. According to the game information known so far, they are soldiers of the army,plastic pallet bin, that is, precious advanced experiments. In the previous short dialogue, some information was revealed that the enemy was not satisfied with the "semi-finished products", that the so-called villagers here should only be the experimental objects transformed by ordinary people, and that the fall of their aircraft was a conspiracy manipulated by some people. In order to obtain more advanced experimental products. There was no monitor on the surface of the room, but the house knew that the researchers must be hiding somewhere to observe her. Even advanced simulations can't guess that she can sense it with her bare hands. As long as it's a metal-related room, there's no secret she can't find out. When nothing happens,euro plastic pallet, Ah Zhai sits by the wall, his hands seem to be on the ground at will, and the different energy is output accordingly. If she's just an ordinary soldier, there's nothing flesh and blood can do in the steel jungle, but she's a mechanic. The more high-tech room, the more need for sophisticated mechanical technology, take such a room to close her, it is better to take the earth embryo room to close her more effective. She wants to give the Institute a big gift. Just as they were surrounded, during the brief assignment of the plan, Otaka quickly understood her mission. She would be the last link in the plan. I really wanted to see Dr. Boris's face. The door of the room opened again, and this time three men, two guards and a female researcher, came in. The guard had a gun in his hand. The female researcher went to the glass wall and activated a button, foldable bulk container ,plastic trash bins, which exposed two holes that only allowed the arm to reach out. "Put your hand up," she said dryly. "You know you don't have a choice." The next second she reached out, her hands were put on a new mechanical lock. The female researcher pressed another button to block the opening of the glass wall of the room. The female researcher urged her to go out. Follow me. Female researchers lead the way, a house walks in the middle, two guards walk behind her with guns, a house slightly slanted her head, there will be guns aimed at her head. The taste of being an experiment is really not good. Signal, signal, when will you come? Chapter 120 The female researcher took Ah Zhai to a laboratory and opened a very complicated machine to let Ah Zhai in. What is this to do? "Why do you talk so much nonsense?" The female researcher picked up the whip on her waist and hit Ah Zhai. A Zhai raised his two hands and grabbed them together and pulled them down. The female researcher stumbled and threw herself in front of the house, and the guards' guns were already aimed at the house's head. Threatening me with that shit? I'm a precious experiment, right? A Zhai said condescendingly, loosening the whip in his hand. The female researcher got up and raised her hand to hit her again with a resentful expression because Ah Zhai had made a fool of her. A Zhai looked at her coldly. The momentum in her eyes made the female researcher stagnate. Remembering the scene just now, she slowly put down the whip and shouted, "Go in." "What is this to do?" "It's just a physical value test.". ” "Oh, is it?" "I advise you not to toast, not to eat, not to drink, without you, there are four other experiments." The tone of the female researcher is very cold, as she said, "Ah Zhai, they are just experimental objects for the Institute." If my team were friendly, you wouldn't be so polite to me, would you? A Zhai is not a person who can do things step by step, and her teammates are not people who swallow their pride. Southern Expedition and Mona may be a little patient, but David and Lotte are hard to say. But they should still have some brains, not hard enough to lose their lives, right? A Zhai thought so and went to the machine, which was very complicated at first sight, and looked around curiously. Will there be a formal principle for a simulated machine? When he explored the room in his cell, he found that the simulation of the world was so fine that there was no mistake in the structure of the different energy sources. Perhaps in addition to different energy networks, shielding devices and other settings added out of thin air, the rest of the equipment is built according to real details. When the mechanical cabin was closed, an electric current suddenly came out from the side and hit Ah Zhai. The sudden pain made Ah Zhai frown. Even on this point, it is very real. The numerical test lasted for a whole day, during which the female researcher, who had been expressionless, showed surprise at times-the quality of the experiment was even better than expected. Terribly good. If she had a weapon, she could kill them all in a flash, right? The alliance actually regards such a good soldier as a victim, which is really ambitious. It seems that their need to reform the soldier is becoming more and more urgent. The female researcher recorded all the data,mobile garbage bin, put it together with the data of other experiments, and gave it to Dr. Boris later. Having done all this, the female researcher asked Ah Zhai to come out of the mechanical cabin and send her back to prison. cnplasticpallet.com