Don't you cry! Why are you crying? You have no right to cry! I'm the one who should cry! The same mother's child, why does she only care about your life? As Li Yun spoke, tears fell from her eyes, and she reached out to cover Ah Fu's small mouth to keep him from crying. Why were you born? Just because you're a boy, the whole family has to spoil you, right? Then what am I? Li Yun could not control his emotions and shouted hysterically. Her cry attracted Li Ling's attention. Li Ling is going to see the whole family of her mother's family today. She just met Mrs. Li. What's the matter? Old Mrs. Li asked when she saw that Li Ling was suddenly stunned. Li Ling said calmly, "It's nothing. Zhao Ming made a toy for Ah Fu. I'm going to give it to Ah Fu. Which room is Ah Fu in?" "The first one on the left." The old lady pointed it out to her. Li Ling stood up and said, "Well, I'll give him the toy now." She had just heard a strange sound, which seemed to be Li Yun's, coming from that room. Then, without knocking at the door, she opened the door directly and went in, scaring Li Yun. But at the same time, Li Yun also startled Li Ling. Li Yun's hand actually pinched Ah Fu's neck. Li Ling panicked and said, "Li Yun, do you know what you are doing?" Li Yun is a little calmer than her instead,Time Delay Faucet, the heart is horizontal, increased the strength of the finger. Fu's cry, from just loud to louder, and then weaker and weaker. "Li Yun, stop!" Li Ling rushed to push Li Yun away. Li Yun stared at her angrily and kicked her when she was close to him. At this moment, Mrs. Li had just heard the noise and asked loudly at the top of her voice, "What's going on?"? Why did Ah Fu cry just now? Fu cried just now,Manual Flush Valve, but now he has stopped crying, because he can't cry. Li Yun turned his head and looked at his motionless brother with satisfaction, showing a faint smile. Finally, no one robbed her mother. Then she cried out in horror, "Oh, Li Ling, why did you kill my brother?"? You have a grudge against me. Why do you want to attack my brother? Her cry attracted the attention of Mrs. Li, not only that, but also the rest of the family was called by her one after another. Mom and Dad, my brother is not angry! Li Yun sobbed and said. Ding Lan reached out to explore his son's breathing and found that what Li Yun said was true. He was immediately hit hard: "Who.." Who did it? Old Mrs. Li stumbled and almost fainted. Her poor grandson escaped the fire, but not the man-made disaster! It's her! When I came in, I was blowing porridge. I didn't expect her to rush in and grab my brother's neck. I couldn't stop her. Li Yun said vividly. Li Ling immediately shook her head and explained, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, "No, it wasn't me. I came in and saw Li Yun pinching Ah Fu. I wanted to stop her!" "You're talking nonsense. How could I do it to my own brother?" Li Yun immediately retorted. Old Mrs. Li said angrily, "Well, don't make any noise. What time is it?"? You're still making a noise here when someone's dead? "Li Ling, what are you dissatisfied with me or Yuner? You just come for us. Why do you want to start with a baby?"? He doesn't know anything yet. He's innocent! Ding Lan said as he shed tears crazily. Li Fu is her only son, is the foundation of her foothold in the Li family, so Li Ling destroyed! "I didn't, not me." No matter how Li Ling defends herself, everyone is more willing to believe that she did it than Ah Fu's sister Li Yun. In the end, Ding Lan insisted on reporting the case to the police. After the police investigation, there was no doubt about the case. Li Yun was an important witness, and Li Ling became a suspect and was temporarily locked up in the detention center. How can you close the case so hastily? Li Ling, she would never do such a thing! I want to see her! Zhao Ming protested before the police. "That's the truth, someone testified, there is a certain motive, not who she is?"? If it was Li Yun who killed it, wouldn't it be even more ridiculous? How can a sister strangle her brother? …… When Mrs. Li called to tell Li Wenjuan about this, Li Wenjuan also insisted on not believing it: "Niang, you can't make a mistake. Li Ling is a kind-hearted child. How could she do such a thing?"? It's impossible! This is the result. I don't know who to believe. Anyway, let Li Yu come back and meet Li Ling. They have a deep sisterhood, otherwise there will be few opportunities to meet in the future. Old Mrs. Li's voice revealed a haggard look. Obviously, she was also tortured by this matter, no matter who the real murderer was, it was the descendants of the Li family who killed each other. First the fire, then something like this. My God, what has she done? "Niang, Li Yu." She's not at home. She's gone abroad and may not be back for a few days. Li Wenjuan hesitated. Can you get her back early? Old Mrs. Li said unexpectedly. I'm afraid not. It takes at least a month to write a letter to her. After a month, she will be back long ago. It is estimated that she will not stay abroad for a few days. Li Wenjuan explained. Only then did Mrs. Li quietly feel relieved: "Well, that's it. When she comes back here, you must tell her about it and let her come back to see Li Ling." She really did not expect that by now, Li Yu would be the most worry-free child among her grandchildren. Okay, I got it. Li Wenjuan hung up the phone with mixed feelings. According to the character, Li Ling can not strangle Ah Fu, but what is the real situation, she did not see with her own eyes, it is not easy to draw a conclusion. Xingye, something happened to my mother's family. Can I go back to my mother's family for two days? Li Wenjuan also wanted to meet Li Ling and ask her what the facts were. Li Yu will be back soon. Do you have to go at this time? Guo Xingye asked. "I'll try to come back before she comes back," said Li Wenjuan. "Well, even if you can't come back,Service Sink Faucets, it's all right. I'll take Li Yu and Feiyan back to your mother's home together." Guo Xingye pondered. In this way, Li Wenjuan simply packed up her things and went to her mother's home by bicycle. Li Yu also just set foot on the way home, with the misty rain they went to the local airport.