Car heated seat installation

Heated seats are not just for luxury and sports cars anymore. In today's world, it is safe and practical to offer this option in a family sedan. If your car does not already have them, installing heated seats is easier than you might think.

An overview of installation steps:

- Find the car seat control panel- Turn off power to seat controls (at battery or fuse box)- Locate seat belt fastener wire bundle near drivers side floorboard- Cut one end of the zip tie and separate the wires from black metal clip- Separate wiring harness connectors on both ends of fastener wire.- Pull 3 foot length of 14 gauge copper wire from spool.- Strip 1/2 inch insulation off copper wire.(may need more wire depending on car)- Separate wiring harness connectors on both ends of wire.- Trim zip tie to 1/2 inch length. (may need more wire depending on car)- Wrap tape around wire to cover all exposed wires. (may need more wire depending on car- Attach wire to terminal bolt of seat heater control switch- Connect wiring harness connector from zip tie ends to fuse box.- Cut and attach zip tie ends and connect seat heater switch (to black metal clip)- Install seat belt fastener wire bundle near driver's floor board- Remove heat sender from existing heated seats- Mount new heated seats with velcro tabs.- Insert heated seat into bucket.- Wrap wiring harness in baggie and discard.

Time required: 1½ hours

Difficulty: Easy

Required tools: Screwdriver, wire strippers, electrical tape, heat gun with blow dryer, heat probe.

Model year 2012 and newer may have heated seats as an option or come with heated seats from the factory. These cars will have an additional connector that was not present in the 2011 and older model cars. This connector is located above the seat near the door and plugs into a separate harness underneath the seat that leads back to the trunk area below the deck lid for power. You can confirm this is the case by looking for an additional harness with a few bare wires coming out of the rubber insulation.

The heated seats are operated by a dedicated switch located under the seat. This switch is often mounted on a plastic bracket and held in place by 2 or 4 screws. The wiring for this switch is a 2 wire harness that tends to be orange in color. This wire will run from the switch down to the wire bundle below the floor board and is secured by zip ties or tape wrapped around it . The wire bundle should have at least one connector already attached that plugs into another harness under the seat. Read More...