What makes MMC IVF the best IVF clinic in Dubai?

Human reproduction research has been a topic of interest for decades and at the same time no other field has been fraught with both scientific and ethical challenges which also led to the hindered development of treatments for infertility. However, skepticism gave way to hope with the acclaimed first live birth of a “test tube baby,” Louise Brown, in England in 1978. A healthy baby achieved with the help of IVF piqued the interests of couples who were unable to conceive through natural methods.

Three years later, the first IVF baby in the U.S., and the 15th worldwide, was born and thus began the journey of IVF going mainstream. Nobody would have imagined that 5 decades later, Dubai with its medical support, state-of the-art infrastructure & government support will become a hub for IVF & witness couples visiting from Europe, USA, India & across the world in their quest to complete their family.

So, the question arises which clinic in Dubai actually holds a formidable expertise in IVF treatment &is worth your time. So, without much further ado, lets dive right into it:

Granted this article is featured on the MMC IVF website so it cannot be more obvious why it is being highlighted as the best IVF clinic, but looking beyond that fact, one would realize it has also earned the name due to its humungous achievements in the field of IVF.

1.       Let us begin with the man at the helm of affairs - Dr. Gautam Allahbadia. A Medical Professional with over 25 years of experience in Assisted Reproductive Techniques, he is a noted world authority on Ultrasound Guided Embryo Transfers and one of the pioneers in Minimal Stimulation IVF (IVF Lite) in South-East Asia. He has over 150 peer-reviewed publications is the recipient of over 25 prizes & fellowships in the field among other achievements.


Under his guidance, The MMC IVF Team has built an infrastructure that offers a full spectrum of Medical and Surgical treatment in Reproductive Endocrinology and Gynecology including advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Tubal reconstruction, and Minimally Invasive USG-guided therapeutic procedures. Our team is responsible for over 9000 babies in 30 countries and 6 continents since 1990.

2.       Infrastructure: Our clinic also boasts of a 22,000-sq-ft area in Jumeriah featuring a state-of-the-art clean room that ensures embryos can develop in the most stable way, according to international standards, thus increasing the chances of a positive outcome. Couples can also observe laboratory procedures through a special viewing area, which will help you feel more involved in the journey. We also host free fertility seminars regularly to educate and empower couples about their IVF journey.


3.       Catering to International Patients – Dubai has become the hub for IVF treatment resulting in a rise of international patients visiting the city with the dream of completing their family. Patients opt for fertility tourism treatment at MMC IVFthanks to our end-to-end solutions. Be it travel, stay or access to the best fertility specialists, you can rest assured that you and your spouse are in safe hands. 


What we offer?

We can arrange a meet out-of-area patients with travel assistance during treatment, long-distance patient monitoring, and provide flexible treatment programs based on the comfort level of the patient.


MMC IVF has helped thousands of individuals and couples across the world overcome the physical, emotional, and social challenges of infertility and other reproductive difficulties. We provide the advanced clinical treatment you need with the deeply personal care you deserve. Our high success rates, personalized service, and affordable treatment options set us apart as a fertility tourism destination. Some additional services that appeal to our international patients include:


·         Comprehensive array of fertility treatments

·         Convenient initial consultations via phone or Skype

·         Thorough review of your medical records

·         Fertility treatment plans that work around your schedule

·         Coordinated care with your OB/GYN at home


5.       Transparency in treatment costs & Financing:

We understand that cost is an important consideration when making decisions regarding your treatment, and have developed a comprehensive array of financial services to help you achieve your goal of having a child. You can customize your plan as per your comfort so that exorbitant costs do not hamper your dream. We also offer 6 months 0% Installment plan with Emirates NBD Credit Cards for all payments above 1,000 AED with a one-time process fee of AED 49/.



MMC IVF is a leading fertility clinic in Dubai helping couples across the world complete their family with world-class fertility specialists. We also offer medical concierge services so everything from your travel to stay to treatment is taken care of by us. All you have to do is make an appointment with us +971 56 136 2512or write to us at [email protected]. We will get back to you promptly. The best part is that you can stay at home and talk to our specialists online before you make the decision. In addition, you can request for a second opinion on the diagnosis and treatment you already are on. Reach out to MMC IVF and we will fix an appointment for it.