Brad Thor is an American writer of thriller novels, and you might have heard about his famous Scot Harvath books.

Brad Thor started as a New York Times best-selling author and his niche is spy thriller novels that sold millions of copies around the world. Most of his books are related to national security, espionage, and terrorism. There is always a human story at the centre, and it is worthy to explore his series of books revolving around agent Scott Harvath so keep reading as we give you the ultimate reading guide for his books.

Who is Scot Harvath?


Scot Harvath superficially seems like typical GI Joe however he starts as a former Navy SEAL turned secret agent fighting for his country and evolves into a multi-layered character throughout the storyline. Scot Harvath changes significantly throughout the books as he goes on from protecting the First Family to serving his country in espionage missions and providing his agent services in many places.

But despite his almost superhuman-like capacities, Scot Harvath is always represented as a human with flaws but a strong dedication to his homeland and fellow citizens and an even stronger sense of helping others, especially those that count on him.

Many literary experts describe this series of books as a sort of onion with many different layers because the author purposely uncovers new information about who Harvath truly is as a person.

The Brad Thor Books Reading Order


Although Scot Harvath books are envisioned to be stand-alone entries and their plot rarely continues into the next book. It is perhaps the best idea to start reading them from the beginning as they were released chronologically and one of the main reasons why we suggest this option is that every new book adds another layer of Scot. If you are curious to see the evolution of his character and him as a person, it would be a better idea to start from the beginning:

1.   The Lions Of Lucerne

2.   Path Of The Assassin

3.   State Of The Union

4.   Blowback

5.   Takedown

6.   The First Commandment

7.   The Last Patriot

8.   The Apostle

9.   The Foreign Influence

10.  Full Black

11.  Blacklist

12.  Free Fall

13.  Hidden Order

14.  Epilogue II (This book should be read after hidden order)

15.  Act Of War

16.  Code Of Conduct

17.  The Athens Solution

18.  Foreign Agent

19.  Use Of Force

20.  Spymaster

21.  Backlash

22.  Near Dark

23.  Black Ice

24.  Rising Tiger

Bottom Line


While this 24 novel epic is probably nowhere near being over it is a good idea to start reading when you have time and when you can dedicate it to this interesting storyline about espionage, national security, and political intrigue.

As for the reading order, the Scot Harvath series in order is easier to follow than Dune books in order and many other sprawling sagas. We wish you an enjoyable reading.