ROI Methodology® is all about improving business measures. To organize or host a program, or to introduce a business project, an organization must fulfill multiple tasks. It's important to research your industry, find competitors, understand risk, and map out your finances before starting your business. Understanding the work involved in starting a business is necessary for a successful launch. ROI Methodology is a systematic approach that guides you to measure and accomplish your project, service, or program through assessment, measurement, analytics, and evaluation.

But when it comes to organizing a project or a program selecting the correct solutions is very essential. In this blog, we will speak about selecting the correct solutions and how you can determine the right solutions using the ROI Methodology.

The main idea is to work on three questions.

What needs to change to influence the impact measure?

Organizations cannot afford to stand still. There are always new changes to meet and new prospects to address for the benefit of the customers, participants, and employees. But every change you make in the programs must be planned and implemented with care.

What can enable this change?

Understand the measures that can enable change. Understand the target audience and the target market that benefits from the change. Also, understand what benefits the change will bring to the organization.

What is the best solution?

Once you have completed exploring the problems, it's time to settle the best solutions for your business project. Allow yourself to formulate an approach that suits your business structure and the current context of your business. To determine the solution you can use comprehensive tools to understand how the change will impact your customers or participants.

Wondering How you will start for selecting the Correct Solutions

Needs Identification: Different needs for your project or program must be identified. Decide if the proposed project should be undertaken. Needs identification is based on the study of factors like costs, benefits, risks, and others.Looking into the solutions that will help influence the needs: Once you figure out the solutions that will influence your needs for the project, program, or service, it will help you bring changes that you wish to see at the end of the program.

Multiple different solutions: Create multiple different solutions for the project or program. The advantage of creating multiple solutions is you can approach a wide number of the target audience and give them the freedom to choose according to their preference.

Look at the learner's preference: Preference needs helps you to determine the most preferred mode of learning. For example: If you are planning to organize an online training, then the learner's preferred mode of learning could be virtual, some can prefer in-person or classroom learning, some prefer learning through videos or eLearning. Preference needs help to cater to how the particular program will be implemented.

Derive the solutions that cater to all the needs: If the program is a solution to a problem you get to know how the solution will be implemented and how participants should perceive its value. The right solutions that cater to all the needs are usually not one solution, it is an amalgamation of multiple approaches.

The right solution is a blended solution: Why do we say that the right solution is a blended approach? Because customer preferences vary and they have had a different preference. But as you are planning to host a program, or launch a new service you must make sure that you successfully provide solutions to all the customers or the participants. Therefore, as a group, if you are trying to influence the outcome or behavior or performance of ten to a hundred or thousands of participants, you have to create a blended approach.

It is of course impossible to create thousands of approaches for the thousand needs of the participants. The blended approach is a mixture of all the different kinds of components involved and will surely address the learner's, participants' preferences.

Key Points

Finding the correct solution through ROI Methodology® is a structured approach to select the right approaches for your projects and programs. 

It recognizes that selecting the correct solution can be a painful process but it will guide you to understand all the "ins and outs" of the project. It will also help you to figure out the needs of the target audience and the target market. For more resources related to ROI Methodology® follow our blogs. Click on the link: