We know that as men get aged, they are more likely to witness Sensual Dysfunction. Sensual dysfunction encompasses numerous issues that affect successful intercourse, one of which is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It also refers to a man’s overall desire to reach climax and the general quality of his erection.  

In the U.S. and across the world, ED affects men majorly due to physical or psychological health factors. Still, age does not explain everything. In fact, one clear takeaway from studies that have looked into causes of ED is that anyhow of age, numerous threat factors for ED are controllable to some extent. However, for example, an individual can lower the chances of passing erectile dysfunction, if they maintain a good diet and get plenty of exercise.

Still, know that it is treatable in utmost cases, if a person witness ED. However, high cholesterol, diabetes, and other health conditions like high blood pressure might lead to ED.

Having habitual factors and other threat factors counts to lead and cause ED.

Some of the major causes of ED are:

· Heart complaint

· Hypertension

· Diabetes

· Stroke

· Cancer (other than prostate cancer)

· Taking antidepressant specifics

· Having excessive alcohol drinks habit

· Smoking

· Being Fat or fat (BMI over)

· Lack of physical activity (lower than21.5 metabolic coequals per week)

· Watching television for further than hours per week

They plant that men with none of these conditions or threat factors had the smallest rates of ED at all periods.

These include health conditions like

· Anxiety

· Stress

· Relationship conflict

· Pain or climax issues

· Past trauma

· Depression

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