A comparison of cable internet provider in any locality should be based on five basic parameters, namely speed, reliability, security, cost and additional features. Glossing over on any of them would considerably affect your life, both online and offline. Therefore, below are the comparisons between the most popular cable internet providers for you to make an impeccable decision:


i.                    Speed:

Compromising on speed would simply mean that you will not be able to stream your favorite content in HD and slow downloading will get you insane pretty soon. AT&T’s High Speed Internet offers you up to 24Mbps. However, its basic packages do not offer anything beyond 3 to 6Mbps. On the other hand, Comcast Xfinity offers download speed of up to 50 Mbps with its Triple Play bundle offer. AT&T is trying to match these massive speeds with its 45Mbps service but is currently available in select areas only. The real challenger here is Charter Spectrum Internet as it is offering up to 60Mbps on both, its internet packages and bundle offers. It claims to have 20 times faster internet than a standard DSL connection. Time Warner Cable is not really lagging behind as it is also offering download speeds of up to 50Mbps with its Ultimate package.

ii.                   Reliability:

True test to the performance of an internet connection is testing its speed and service reliability. Going through the customer feedback and reviews available online, it is pretty clear that the cable companies are somewhat committed to providing with the advertised speeds and promised service consistencies. However, AT&T’s U Verse digital fiber-optic internet (don’t confuse it with AT&T High Speed Internet) has the most favorable reviews for its service reliability during bad weather and peak hours.

iii.                Security:

Having an insecure internet connection is inviting trouble with open doors and faulty security alarms. Therefore, looking at the security features of an internet provider is of paramount significance. AT&T secures its internet by providing you with a security suite powered by McAfee®3 to ensure protection of your data and identity. Security Suite by Charter Spectrum helps you with virus detection, inbox protection and parental controls and can be installed on up to ten computers. Keeping up with the competition, TWC offers McAfee Anti-Virus Protection with all of its packages. Similarly, Cox’s Security Suite Plus is also powered by McAfee®. However, Xfinity has one of the most convincing solutions to online security that are currently available in the market. The Identity Guard®, Norton™ Security Suite, Freedome VPN and XFINITY® Toolbar are most prominent constituents of its Constant Guard® security suite.

iv.                 Cost:

After comparing them on their pricing will clearly point out on the fact that it’s always more cost-effective to opt for a bundle offer instead of an individual service package. The basic High Speed Internet package from AT&T starts at $15/mo and bundle offers including cable TV, internet and home phone start at $75/mo. Time Warner Cable has a similar low price internet package starting at $15/mo and its Ultimate internet package starts at $65/mo. However its bundle offers are more leveraged compared to AT&T’s. Charter Spectrum’s popular Internet Plus package starts at $30/mo or you can get Xfinity’s Triple Play bundle offer starting at $90/mo.

v.                   Additional Features:

Additional features or add-ons define the true value of similar packages offered in a market operating under fierce competition. Ordering AT&T online can get you entitlement to $100 reward card and it offers 3 months free access to HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax®. Access to its thousands of nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots adds more value to its internet packages. Charter Spectrum internet comes without any data caps and many of its packages offer free modem. TWC charges no HD fees with most of its packages and provides with 24/7 local news coverage. Xfinity internet customers also get free access to its 500,000 of its Wi-Fi hotspots.