If it is a good idea to include your home phone subscription into your cable TV package? This question is most commonly asked when we are making a cable TV purchase or renewing our existing subscription. The short answer to this question can’t be anything else but a confident YES! It is further justified in the below:

Do We Still Need A Landline In The First Place?

Those who think that home phone has gone obsolete completely ignore the fact that a home phone connection is not just used for making calls. In cases of emergencies, your landline lets 911 know your exact location and help them arrive for rescue in quickest possible time. No matter if you have a dialup or DSL, you still require a landline to have an internet connection. Your landline continues to function even during power outages enabling you to stay in contact with the outside world when you need it the most. Your calls on landline are difficult to get intercepted hence making it safer compared to wireless phones. Also, most of home protection systems rely on your home phone connection to send signals.  Hence we still certainly need a landline connection.

How To Get A Home Phone Subscription For Cheap?

So there’s no question that we still need a landline home phone connection and it can get a lot cheaper if you opt for a bundle offer. Almost all the major cable companies offer various extra-leveraged bundle packages providing their customers with cable TV, internet and home phone at discounted rates and with simplified billing. Hence there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider buying a bundle offer.

What Are The Best Bundle Offers Available In The Market?

Studying the authorized online retailers for the top cable companies, following bundle offers appear as being more customer-friendly for their discounted prices and exceptional features:

1.       AT&T U-Verse Bundles:

You can bring home some of the most advanced home phone features by opting for any of the AT&T U-Verse bundle offers. They come with U-Verse TV, High-speed internet and home phone with one year commitment. The prices start at $75/mo which happens to be extremely competitive for the features these bundle offers include.  

2.       Charter Spectrum Triple Play Select:

If you are looking for a free DVR service then this bundle package will be most suitable. You can get over 125 channels, up to 60 Mbps in download speed and unlimited local and nationwide calling with many other additional features. The prices start at around $90/mo and it does not require any term commitment or contract.

3.       Comcast Xfinity Starter Triple Play:

According to recent industry data, Xfinity remains one of the top 3 cable TV providers in the U.S.  It is popular among customers for its advanced X1 Entertainment Operating System and on-demand choices. The prices for its Starter Triple Play bundle package start at around $90/mo and it includes all three basic services, namely cable TV, internet and home phone.

4.       Cox Silver Bundle:

This package promises the most exciting HD TV experience and offers more than 220 channels including the most popular channels like HBO and Cinemax.  You also get unlimited local calling and free TV caller ID on your home phone. It offers download speed of up to 100Mbps, making it ideal for the profiles who prefer faster download speed. The price starts at around $120/mo and includes free professional installation.

5.       TWC TV + Internet + Phone Bundle:

Known for shorter contracts, 30-day satisfaction guarantee, HD fee waiver and popular calling features, the Time Warner Cable also provides with many competitive bundle packages. Its TV + Internet + Phone bundle offer starts at around $90/mo and comes with free installation. You get more than 200 channels and unlimited calling not just within the U.S. borders but to Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, India, The EU and Norway.