Over the last weekend, I with bunch of my friends decided to have a movie night at one of our friends’ place. Surprisingly we all reached on time and went on to watch a movie without any delay. But we’d forgotten to decide the movie title in advance so we began suggesting different movies to each other. Each friend gave away all his favorites belonging to all possible genres, i.e. Drama, Thriller, Action, Comedy, and Historical. When we weren’t appear to agree on any, we suddenly consented to watch a comedy. Since we had already exhausted all our personal favorites, we went online to find the best rated comedies but found lists that were either too common or were not at all funny according to online reviews. After series of arguments and efforts to convince each other, we gave up on watching any movie and instead spent night watching nothing but dreams as we’d all eventually gone to sleep.  

Next time I will definitely go through at least the on-demand titles made available by my cable TV provider J