Additionally, serviced flats give visitors flexibility and independence because they let them choose their own schedules and seem to be permitted to arrive and go as they please with staff assistance. Throughout their stay, visitors will have access to services similar to those found in hotels, such as cleaning, maintenance, and staffed service.

Serviced Apartment Are The Solution Of Short-term Rental

The comfort of services and amenities is matched with the privacy, extra space, and versatility of a kitchen and living area in a serviced apartment. At serviced apartments, you can cook meals, enjoy it, unwind, and chill out.

1. Privacy

The majority of serviced apartments offer a weekly house cleaner rather than the daily cleaning you would receive in a hotel. Visitors feel more at ease when there are less interruptions. It is also possible to arrange for a maid service that is more routine. Having a kitchen also allows you the choice to eat in the seclusion of your own lodging.

2. Flexibility

Serviced apartments provide visitors the freedom to live however they like. Either make meals for yourself or eat at an outside restaurant. In the living area, you can host a party or have client meetings. Your decision.

3. Cost

There are less extra fees when renting a serviced flat. Since every home has a kitchen, dining out is less expensive. While some hotels also charge for the internet, it's frequently free in serviced apartments. While VAT decreases from 20% to 4% after 28 nights, the price for staying in a fully furnished apartment also reduces as the duration of stay grows.

Here Are The Key Perks You’ll Get From Out Serviced Flat

1. Fully Furnished Apartment

2. Security & Laundry Service

3. Filter, Washing Machine, LP Gas

4. Drawing, Dining Space Available

5. Daily Room & Bathroom Cleaning

6. WiFi, Microwave oven, Geyser, A/C

7. Short-Term Rentals, TV, Refrigerator

Reason For Choosing A Serviced Flat Over A Luxurious Hotel

It will  be less expensive than booking a hotel room. As you know, vacation rentals frequently provide greater space than hotel rooms. Compared to restaurants, vacation rentals sometimes have better locations. Again compared to hotels, apartment rentals might offer a more genuine specific knowledge. Hotel rooms might be more dependable in terms of services and facilities that are given.

How Short-term  Rentals Beat Resorts In The Race For Vacation Accommodations

The vacation apartment has the same amenities as your own apartment, but it is located in the foreign country of your choice because it is a flat, not a round box of air. One of the most valued amenities is the kitchen, which enables visitors to prepare their own lunches and dinners rather than having to dine in a restaurant every single time. This option is especially helpful when traveling with children because you can be confident they will eat what you make and won't have any major issues with new products or food. It also saves money.

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