There is a TON of research that links the chemicals found in hundreds of household objects with lower testosterone levels in men!
Testosterone, as you may know, is the hormone responsible for making a man manly and tough…
But did you know that up to 40% of middle aged men suffer from low testosterone levels? This drop is normal for most men as they age…similar to how women's estrogen levels dip when they hit menopause.
But for other men, their Testosterone levels can dip even lower…ausing symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, erectile dysfunctions, hair loss, low energy…and a lot of other very common problems!
In fact, you could be suffering from low levels of testosterone and not even know it! You may just think your low energy or low sex drive is normal…
It turns out, over the last 50 years…Researchers have found a trend of declining testosterone rates in this country!
And with it…Lower sperm counts in men, and a rise in genital birth defects in boys.
Sad, right?!Other research has found that chemicals found in many plastic products…including water bottles and packaging used for food…can leach into your food or water and get into your body….
There, they can sap you of your male hormone (testosterone) and raise levels of your female hormone (estrogen).
The worst (and most common) of these chemicals are BPAs (bisphenol A)…
These chemicals are so commonplace, they're called "everywhere chemicals"….
They're in every plastic bottle of water or soda you can drink…They're in household items made of plastic such as deodorants…. And they are even found in baby bottles and pacifiers!
Here is a partial list of what BPA is found in:
plastic water bottles & every other plastic beverage containerthe lining of our water pipesthe inside coating of almost every food & beverage candeodorants & other skin-care productson the lining of sales receiptson movie and airline ticketssports equipmentmedical devices & dental fillingseyeglass lenseson the surface of CDs and DVDs
Basically, they are unavoidable.
scientists have recently discovered that BPAs can leach from these plastic containers into the food and water you consume…Especially when the containers are heated or exposed to the sun.
(Which is why you should NEVER drink a bottle of water that has been heated by the sun! However, even then it's still nearly impossible to prevent exposure to these chemicals. One study found that most people in the US have some amount of BPAs in their urine.)
Here's why they're so bad for you:
BPAs are very similar chemically to estrogen.
Just listen to this quote from a leading researcher of this subject, Dr. Hugh Taylor, MD, of Yale University.
He said, "BPA looks like estrogen…. By itself it is a very weak estrogen."
Crazy, right??
This is why exposure to BPAs is much worse for men than it is for women…Because women have lots of estrogen anyways, it doesn't make as much of a difference in their bodies when they get more of it.
But when men get more estrogen in their bodies…It throws their natural chemical balance off, and causes them to stop producing as much of their own male hormone, testosterone….
Making them more feminine in their minds AND bodies. In fact, because of this, many more men are now growing more womanly breasts!
Ask yourself if you know any guys with "man boobs"…Yep, this is the reason why.
There's tons of research that proves all this…
One study from China, for example, showed that men working in a factory making BPAs had significantly lower levels of testosterone in their blood compared men working in a tap water facility.
And another one showed that lab rats exposed to BPAs had lower testosterone levels AND lower sperm counts than rats who were NOT exposed to it. The BPAs also gave them prostate problems.
There's a lot more studies just like these…
All you have to do is google "BPAs" and you'll see for yourself!