BBL surgery, or Brazillian butt lift, is now a popular cosmetic procedure that people prefer to enhance their bodies and look attractive. It is a cosmetic method using a small plastic tube called a cannula to suck the fat.


If you are considering a bbl surgery, you may have some questions. Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

What is a Brazilian butt lift or a bbl?

A Brazilian butt lift or BBL surgery is a procedure that enhances the look of your buttocks by removing fat from other parts of your body through liposuction. In a Brazilian butt, lift fat is removed from one area of your body and re-injected into your buttocks to improve the shape and size and adds volume to the butt, but it won’t improve sagging or excess skin in the butt. Consult your healthcare provider or surgeon about a butt lift if you have sagging or excess skin in your butt.

Does sitting impact the Brazilian butt lift procedure?

Your surgeon may suggest that you minimize sitting or lying that can give direct pressure on your buttocks, a prolonged or direct pressure can impact the healing process and will make fewer chances of the survival of the transferred fat. To avoid this, your surgeon will provide you with a compression garment. Sleep on your stomach and limit your sitting time for several weeks after your procedure.

Minimize regular sitting activity and direct back pressure for atleast 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery. Consult your surgeon if you see any complications.

Do BBL surgery leaves a scar?

There may be some small bbl scars, but they are not noticeable as th surgeon makes a small incision to insert the cannula for liposuction. So there are fewer chances of having marks on your body. Your surgeon will place the incision where it is not visible easily or can be hidden with your clothes. Most scars fade away with time.

How can I sleep after the BBL surgery?

Sleeping on your stomach is the best way to rest while you recover from the process.

You can side sleep, but only if it is completely sure. You can ask your surgeon for it, but you will need to end up on your back, and sleeping on your back is not advised.

How long will the results of bbl surgery last?

Fat injected into your buttock is absorbed by your body, so the results will likely last many years.

Fat cells that your surgeon removes through liposuction will never revive in the treated area, and the injected fat cells that endure the transfer will persist indefinitely. You do not need any touch-ups after your Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Will I lose my BBL if I work out?

Fat Transfer is repositioned during the BBL surgery and follows the general metabolism of your body. Therefore, workouts do not cause a loss of BBL results. You can target exercise for the buttocks to help increase the size and maintain the butt shapes. Workout helps keep the buttocks in shape.


If you are considering bbl surgery, you may want to know many things about bbl. You can check with bbl before and after images. Schedule an appointment with your surgeon for more details.


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