A mouse is a necessary piece of equipment for every gamer. A standard mouse and a gaming mouse differ greatly in many ways. From the functionality and design to sensitivity and customization, they have massive differences. If you want to buy gaming mouse in India, first you have to be familiar with these differences. So, read this guide till the end and make a sound decision.The Differences Between a Gaming Mouse and an Ordinary Mouse

There are many differences between a gaming mouse and a standard computer mouse, and the primary distinctions between the two are:

Basic Functionality

The normal mice are designed for everyday tasks such as word processing, Internet surfing, and basic computer use. It is usually a 2-button, scroll-wheel mouse that can handle basic tasks. A gaming mouse, on the other hand, is made especially with gamers' requirements in mind. 

It usually has more programmable buttons and other gaming-specific settings. If you buy gaming mouse in India, always give priority to functionality.


Now, let us discuss ergonomics. Regular mice are normally designed in a standard form to accommodate any hand size and preferences for grip. Contrastingly, gaming mice often have an ergonomic shape to provide maximal comfort and support during prolonged gaming engagements.

They can introduce moveable weights and curves to make the tool more comfortable for the user's hand and have less pressure. If you want to buy gaming mouse in India, be sure to check if it is ergonomically designed.

Sensitivity and DPI

The difference between these mice and ordinary ones is also the sensitivity of a gaming mouse, which can sometimes be measured in dots per inch (DPI). In contrast to regular mice, gaming mice have significantly higher DPI settings that allow for finer and quicker cursor movement. This is essential for the reason that accurate and quick aiming plays an important role in video gaming.

In addition to the above, many gaming mice come with DPI settings that can be customized, allowing users to adapt sensitivity for personal preferences or various in-game scenarios.

Customization and Programmable Buttons

Specific macros and in-game actions are possible with the help of various additional programmable buttons on the gaming mouse. At the touch of a button, players can execute complex commands, thus gaining an edge over others. 

Ordinary mice, however, are designed for daily computer use rather than gaming. As a result, they generally have fundamental buttons with limited or no customizable capabilities.

ConclusionA gaming mouse differs from a regular one in design, functionality, and purposes. A regular mouse is enough for running everyday computing applications, while a gaming mouse was designed specifically to meet the needs of gamers, with improved performance and manual customization features. If you feel interested in purchasing a gaming mouse, first research the best gaming mouse price because they cost more than regular ones.