The first thing he thought of was nothing but locusts. Locust is a companion creature, as a companion creature, the biggest characteristic is that it does not occupy any contract position with human beings, human beings provide him with nutrition, he provides human strength. At this point, these girls are human. All creatures have a choice after the eighth order, whether to choose to become a more powerful eighth order demon creature or to choose human beings. Choosing to enchant creatures has many of the most immediate rewards, such as better talents, greater strength, and so on. If you choose to become a human, you will not be able to enjoy any advanced bonus except for mutation. It can be said that Xiaoyu has abandoned all their advantages when they choose to become human beings. Wang Wei must not sit idly by. The locust itself belongs to a species similar to the scorpion, but the locust itself has no superfluous intelligence except for the instinct of eating and drinking. It can only be said that it is a little smarter than the fixed-program machine that Wang Wei knows, but it is not very smart. Xiaoyu herself is a scorpion. She is no stranger to the creature she had seen and fought. She heard that she wanted them to live with this creature. Xiaoyu herself did not like it very much. However, as the most trusted by Wang Wei, she naturally could not shrink back at this time. After all, Wang Wei is also for them,5 person hot tub, not to harm them. Accompanying success Smooth, but compared with the four-armed giant like Isaac's soldier, Xiaoyu is not so arrogant. The dark exoskeleton, the long wings, the slender body, that's all that comes out of the whole shape. But if you have to sum up the difference with the average human companion, it is that they can fly. Unlike the black samurai who can only glide for a short distance,outdoor spa manufacturers, the black samurai who has become Xiaoyu is petite. Even if you count the two decorations on his head, the sharp corners are generally less than 190 centimeters, and you have to count the long heels. Wang Wei couldn't figure it out. Does the locust have a special aesthetic view? What's the use of such a sharp heel? Wang Wei soon learned how the sharp heels came about. When born with male Isaac warriors, the locusts transformed all evolutionary directions into land ways to meet the needs of land warfare, such as larger bodies, more powerful forces, and almost dispensable gliding abilities. But for Xiaoyu, when they are born together, because Xiaoyu herself is a Sark scorpion, they can know what is the most suitable evolutionary direction for locusts. So the locusts chose their strengths and strengthened their aerial capabilities. The evolution of locusts has greatly enhanced the strength of their wings to meet the needs of flight, while scorpions themselves inherit Wang Wei's fire attributes, Chinese spa manufacturer ,whirlpool hot tub, and when flying in the air, they can use their elemental control ability to accelerate themselves through fire. The sharp heel is another variation of the locust melon seeds, which is used to dive from the air to attack the enemy and cause puncture damage to the enemy. Although the heel is sharp and thin, it inherits Wang Wei's metal style, which is extremely hard and hollow in the middle, and can inject toxins from the scorpion's body. Then, is the power, the eighth order scorpion girl's power, plus the eighth order locust's power, this is not a simple one plus one problem, the power created between them has been far greater than Wang Wei's imagination! Xiaoyu tried to fly several times in the air with the heavy crystal cannon in her hand. Because of the flying instinct of locusts, Xiaoyu, who had never flown in the air before, could easily make all kinds of difficult movements in the air. This is very good! Xiaoyu, who came down from the sky, had no previous resistance. On the contrary, she was very happy. This thing was so funny that Xiaoyu, who had never flown in the sky, had a happy face. In the future, this will be your regular equipment. With a wave of his big hand, Wang Wei directly nailed the matter down. In fact, when Wang Wei was looking for the locusts, he was still worried about whether the locusts had become human beings, but after seeing them, he was relieved that apart from the locust king, the other locusts could only be regarded as semi-living things. They were not qualified for evolutionary selection at all. The only one who was qualified was the locust king himself. The world tree Du Ruiya has been constantly integrating the defense system of the entire Huilongbao area. This defense system is basically based on the endless magnetic storm turbulence of the Huilong Mountains. However, the biggest problem of this system is that it is too passive to form an active and effective attack. The only effective means of attack is too slow. This time, Wang Wei's test value brought back from the exiled world is very gratifying. Before Lovell left, she left me a message. She gave me all the test data. According to the data you brought back, the test results are no different from what we expected, or better than we thought. We can basically build a stable energy delivery platform. Du Ruiya said. That is to say, we can directly use the energy of the magnetic storm as a weapon. This is what Wang Wei wants to hear most. As early as the days when Wang Wei left the human world, the girls of the Shadow Clan have been trying to launch the magnetic storm turbulence with almost endless energy as a weapon, but the success rate of this launch has been very low, after all, it is not a beam of light. So the girls replicated Halo's energy delivery structure in large numbers, which can transmit energy very efficiently and with little loss. But the biggest problem is that it is impossible to find the maximum transmission power of this structure. Just when Wang Wei came back, he charged all these things and took them with him in order to test their working condition. The results of the test show that this thing works very well even if it is used directly as a power reduction version of Halo. Although it is not as devastating as a real halo,outdoor whirlpool, the effect of a concentrated number is not necessarily worse than that of a real halo. Volume 9 My Name is Kane Chapter 38 Ask Kane to break the law? 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