Preet tractor is a well-known tractor brand in India that is very famous for its excellent tractors. Preet's company offers a huge range of tractors from 28 hp to 90 hp. This tractor range includes 4wd tractors, mini tractors, heavy-duty tractors, etc. They are versatile and strong for farming tasks—these Preet tractor models with specifications.  

1. Preet 6049 Tractor

The Preet 6049 tractor has a Heavy Duty Dual Clutch and transmission clutch.

It is equipped with 2 Reverse + 8 Forward gearboxes that provide smooth and easy work on farms.

The Preet 6049 is loaded with 4 cylinders and equipped with a 60 HP tractor power.

Along with this, the Preet 6049 has a splendid speed.

It is manufactured with Multi Disc Oil Immersed Brakes that provide good handling on the tractor.

This tractor has a power steering mode for the perfect traction with the ground.

The Preet 6049 offers a 67 fuel tank capacity on farms for long-hour operations.

The 6049 Preet price in India starts from Rs. 6.25-6.60 Lakh*.

2. Preet 2549 4WD

Preet 2549 4WD is a 4WD 25 HP tractor. This tractor has 2 Cylinders and a modest 1854 CC Engine, generating an engine rated 2000 RPM. 

It  comes with a Heavy Duty Dry Type Single clutch.

It has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes.

Along with this, Preet 2549 4WD has decent Forwarding Speed.

It is fitted with Dry / Multi-Disc Oil Immersed (Optional).

It has steering type is smooth Power steering Steering.

This tractor Preet model offers a 10% litre large fuel tank capacity for long hours on farms.

And Preet 2549 4WD has a 1000 Kg strong pulling capacity.

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