"Who is this Han Zhi?"? So drag? "Handsome?"? I don't see it! "Jealous upstairs, the appraisal is over!" "My Han Zhi Oba is the most handsome!" "That female fan is so annoying that she almost sticks to my Han Zhi. It's disgusting!" "Yes, it serves you right to be pushed!" "Han Zhi is the best, that female fan goes to die!" "That Han Zhiben is a star, if no one is chasing the star, they are afraid that they are more anxious, right?"? Is it wrong for female fans to want to be close to their idols? "That is, even if the female fans are not right, then the security guard is right to push people?" "Hum, it's the security guard who pushed the man. What's the matter with my Han Zhi Oba?" "Yes, my Han Zhi Oba doesn't know at all, okay?" "Oh, the brain-damaged people upstairs, the girl was pushed, issued a scream, I can hear across the screen, he can not hear?" "Hear so what, my Han Zhi Oba, is Ao Jiao, is Gao Leng, how?" "Well, you're stupid, you're right!" "Is it good to push people to see where they are?"? Aren't you afraid of a stampede and trampling the girl to death? "That is,outdoor digital signage displays, if there are so many people, who will be responsible if they trample them to death?" "Who let that bitch be a bitch and go up by herself? What's the matter with my Han Zhi Oba?" However, with the extension of live broadcasting time, many netizens began to worry about the girl who fell to the ground. The girl may be wrong, but she is young after all, and even if there is a mistake, the bodyguard pushed people, it is too much; Seeing the girl on the ground being trampled by the people behind her,facial recognition thermometer, many netizens' hearts were pulled up. Many netizens also saw Qin Zheng who saved people. Who is that man? So handsome, it's really great to choose to save people at this time! "Thumbs up for the handsome guy!" But soon, netizens found that the handsome man who saved people and the female fan who fell to the ground actually confronted the bodyguard, and then was taken away by the airport security! "What did that handsome man do?" "He was taken away just to save people?" "I can't believe my eyes!" Many netizens on the Internet expressed doubts and concerns about the airport security taking away Qin Zheng and the female fan. Qin Zheng and the female fan were taken to the interrogation room at the airport. In the interrogation room, Qin Zheng helped the female fans to sit down on a stool. After the female fans sat down, they held Qin Zheng's clothes tightly. Qin Zheng was surprised, turned his head, and was facing the shy and timid eyes of the female fans. Uh.. "Let go," Qin Zheng's voice is very cold, without a trace of emotion. I.. "The female fan hung her head shyly." I'm afraid, where is this? " Female fans finished, made a face of anxiety, the bird's appearance, particularly lovable. Chapter 586 Children's Fun (6). Female fans are in their prime of life. As the saying goes, 'Eighteen are not ugly.' Although the girl's facial features are general and her skin is fair, she exudes a kind of youthful vitality all over her body. Here, smart whiteboard price ,Interactive digital signage, nothing will happen, "Qin Zheng finished, slightly hard, to break away from the female fans of the entanglement.". Female fans see this, busy hand, and to grab Qin Zheng's clothes, "you don't go, I don't know what your name is?" "And.." The female fan looked at Qin Zheng with a pair of smiling eyes and stopped her small chest. "Do you have a girlfriend? I want to be your girlfriend. Qin Zheng's face is even worse, who are these people? "I'm married." "What?" Female fans were stunned, as if they didn't understand, and were stunned on the spot. Qin Zheng sat on a sofa far away from the female fans, looking cold and proud, "I'm married." "Huh?" Female fans looked disappointed, "How can you get married?" Qin Zheng: ".." Suddenly I regretted it. Today's girls, the brain circuit is really strange, he married, what is her business? "Then you.." the female fan bulged her face and asked persistently, "Is your wife beautiful?" "En," Qin Zheng nodded gently, not wanting to talk to female fans any more. There is really no common language! Female fans lips, some unhappy, and some aggrieved, such a handsome man, how can get married? The important thing is: the bride is not her? How can this be? Female fans frowned, seemed to be very entangled, finally, or gritted his teeth, looked at Qin Zheng, eyes eager "that..". I still want to be your girlfriend. ?” Qin Zheng: ".." Qin Zheng felt as if he was hearing voices! Qin Zheng's sexy thin lips are slightly pursed. Is this girl shameless? "I said: I am married." Qin Zheng's eyes are very cold, showing a rare trace of boredom in his eyes. So what. "As long as we love each other, marriage is just a piece of paper, no one can bind us." The girl devotes herself to love, which makes Qin Zheng speechless. Who is in love? Who's in love with her? Even if he is in love, he is in love with his wife, okay? "We're just strangers." I don't even know their names. Where does love come from? " Never mind, "the girl looked very excited." My name is Yang Xiaoyun, and you? " In the face of the girl's bright big eyes, Qin Zheng directly ignored; I don't want to talk to you! The girl is unrelenting, making a pair of holding heart, coquettish appearance, pinching her voice, "You are so cool, tell me your name, I will be your girlfriend in the future." This girl is so shameless! Faced with the girl's continuous questioning, Qin Zheng couldn't help it. "Don't you feel ashamed to seduce a married man?" The girl didn't expect Qin Zheng to ask such a question. She was stunned and finally said with an indifferent face: "As long as I'm happy, I don't care about her!" "Yes," the girl looked at Qin Zheng's clothes. "Your clothes are Armani's. Is your family very rich?" "It's none of your business.." Fart, Qin Zheng's cold face, "it's none of your business!" Fine! Qin Zheng opened his eyes! Sure enough, his wife is the best! This kind of extreme ego, extremely selfish girl,face detection android, Qin Zheng is really not like up. Security put two people to the interrogation room, at this time, and the Han Zhi's bodyguard went into the interrogation room together. hsdtouch.com