Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms and it has its terms and conditions and messing with them is not good. It has its consequences. People ask, Facebook disabled my account for no reason

10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Account Could be Suspended, Banned, Or Disabled 

Below are the reasons that will tell why you have a suspended Facebook account: 

Age issue: On the off chance that you are a person 13 years old or more established, you might make a Facebook account, however, you should use your genuine name and an exact image of yourself. This might appear to be an adequately straightforward rule to adhere to, but not every person does. As seen otherwise you will have a Suspended Facebook account because the client began a record claiming to be a cow, a canine, or a library. To put it plainly, your Facebook account should state you are a genuine individual, not a creature or an item.

Illegal behavior: Any individual who posts unlawful substance on either their profile page or their fan page will have their page ceased under the rules of the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Unlawful substance incorporates, yet isn't restricted to, any substance that publicizes drug use, a fraudulent business model, wrongdoing, or noxious conduct. Facebook additionally disallows you from utilizing their site to hassle, menace, compromise, or in any capacity victimize another. Assuming that you have been sentenced for specific violations, for example, being an enlisted sex wrongdoer you can't make a Facebook account. If some way or another you do, it will be suspended.

Misusing Profile: If you have a personal profile, then you need to know you cannot use that account for marketing. If Facebook finds this, then you will have a disabled Facebook account. 

Profile picture: If you have a fake profile picture like of any actor or celebrity, then Facebook can disable your account. It is better to keep the profile picture area blank.

Unknown location: If you are using your Facebook account from an unknown IP location and Facebook finds it suspicious, then also you will have a suspended Facebook account. 

Friend requests: If you are sending too many friend requests at once, then you can be considered spam and you can be presented with a disabled Facebook account. 

We hope we were able to provide you with all the reasons for the suspended Facebook account.