If you are in this article then it is possible that you are dealing with deleted Instagram account and you are somehow not able to get you account back so here in this blog we are going to provide you the step by step guide so that you can get your IG account back and go to recover deleted Instagram account

Steps to get your Instagram Account Back to Access it – 

For the first step you need to open the browser for your device which you are using and then you have to open the IG application of yours on the device. 

Now you have to try to login into your account on IG to get your instagram account deleted and for this procedure you will have to fill in the login credentials of your account which are the username and the password of your account which has been deleted. Once you have filled in the details for the login procedure you need to check that the information you provided was correct so that you do not need to face problems later on. 

Now as soon as you have checked your details and you have clicked on the login option then you will be able to access your account but you can do this only when you are doing this within the time period of 30 days from the date you have deleted your account. 

Now after you can access your account you can use the features and services of IG and we also hope that you were able to solve the problem of Instagram deleted my account and you were able to get your account back by following and then executing your steps. Also the information given out by our article was beneficial for you.