If you are looking to spoil an image on Discord, you can do it on both PC and mobile. On a desktop, you can mark an image as a spoiler by typing the /spoiler tag before the image name. On mobile, you must type the image's name and tap the /spoiler icon. You can also type the word "spoiler" after the image's title.

Ways to Add Spoiler an Image on Discord Mobile

To use the spoiler feature on Discord mobile, you must first upload the image or text. You can't do this from the attachment's preview page. To hide the tag, click on the attachment. If the file has a /spoiler tag, it means that it is a spoiler. It's important to remember that a spoiler will only appear on an image if it contains text.

For iOS and Android users, the process is similar to the desktop version of the service. The user needs to log into his Discord account and go to the server they'd like to join. Next, write a message that has a spoiler tag in between the bars. The recipient must tap the message to view the contents. If the image is a picture, it won't be marked as a spoiler, but you can send it to your recipient if it is not a screenshot.

Another way to spoil an image is to make it blurry and rename it in the text window. You can also add a "spoiler" tag to an image or video you'd like to share with other users. When an image is blurred, it's a good idea to mark it as a spoiler in Discord if you want the other person to avoid seeing it.

In addition to using the desktop version of Discord, you can also use the mobile version to create a spoiler tag. This option is similar to that in the desktop version, but on mobile, the spoiler tag appears as an eye shape. After sharing an image on Discord, the image is automatically marked as a spoiler. To view the image, the user must click the corresponding icon to activate the tag.

To mark a text as a spoiler, you can highlight it in your text box. You can then choose the text you want to spoil and choose the Discord spoiler tag. You can also hide the spoiler if you don't want other users to see it. Then, simply tick the 'Mark as spoiler' checkbox and choose the image you'd like to post. Then, click on the 'Mark as a spoiler' button to enable the tag.