Vishnu, the Preserver of the universe, represents space. The word itself means the Great Omnipresent.  He is reclining on the snake [Ananta] on the Milky Ocean.  The snake represents cosmic energy and the ocean of milk stands for beatitude [Ananda].  Vishnu's color is sky-blue, indicating his infinitude.  He is Achyuta because there is no rise or fall for him.  From his navel arose the creative power in the form of the four-faced Brahma. The Chakra or discus in one of the upper hands of Vishnu symbolizes the cycle of time (Kala-chakra). The whirling brings in consolation as well as revenge, according to Varaha Purana.  The Chakra is also described as the Dharmachakra, maintaining orderliness and proper functioning of the Universe read more